VOOPOO zip pod review – Powerful chip born for fever and 4 pods for merely $14

VOOPOO zip pod comes with a delicate and creative 3D package box – A vape pen in the suit. It makes the product look cute but serious. “This business simple style design looks kind of cool. It makes me want to open it up immediately to check what’s inside!” Someone in said.

voopoo zip pod

Size of the packaging box: 11.9c m*11.9cm*3.3cm

Gross weight: 0.295 kg

After tearing off the transparent plastic film

voopoo zip pod

Interestingly, the suit can be taken off!

voopoo zip pod

Now it shows this: 1 device, 2 pods – 1ml/pod. It’s much better than those overpackaging products like bink. It also frees the user from the trouble of unboxing. What’s more, it saves shipping cost because shipping products internationally costs a lot more money with a heavier weight.

VOOPOO is a company based on foreign trade since its establishment. Its representative products are DRAG、DRAG2、 DRAG mini、DRAG Nano、DRAG Baby etc. The packaging box shows its expertise in this field.

voopoo zip pod

Take out the kit, and another box shows up:

voopoo zip pod

What’s inside the box:

Another 2 pods with Tobacco and Mint.

1 user manual/ instruction brochure

1 guarantee card – 3 months

1 Android USB charge

1 Gene label – It says “Powerful chip Born for fever”

What the Gene provides:

Over vaping protection

Short ciruit protection

Overcharge protection

Low battery protection

Overcurrent protection

voopoo zip pod

Device size: 8.8cm*1.4cm*0.8cm

Device weight: 15g

The device has a led lighting up when vaping. The LED is “+” shaped like SNOWPLUS.

As to its flavor, it has a pretty long way to go to outrace SNOWPLUS. Its nicotine strength is not stated and unknown. According to our test, it’s far from satisfaction.

However, considering its cheap price, we should accept those drawbacks reasonably.

voopoo zip pod

The product was bought by on Tmall VOOPOO official store at 99 yuan. Overseas readers can buy it below:

Where to buy:

$15.99 Vapesourcing

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VOOPOO zip pod package design
VOOPOO zip pod smart chip
VOOPOO zip pod portability
VOOPOO zip pod size
VOOPOO zip pod vapor production
VOOPOO zip pod throat hit
VOOPOO zip pod nicotine strenghth
VOOPOO zip pod LED

This product wins the heart of the customer by its creative packaging box. However, it hardly produces vapor and it has a strange, odd and unpleasant smell like a bitter drug when vaping. What's more, some strange buzz or cracking sound occurs when vaping, kind of scary. Its battery is merely 250mA, supporting only 150 puffs, not durable. In a word, I want to throw it away after my second puff.

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