What did FLOW’s flavor product manager say about its durian e juice?

FLOW is a product of a Chinese new brand. It has a new Durian flavor e liquid launched recently. And let’s have a look what did the FLOW product manager say.

“Scientists have used steam distillation to extract and capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to analyze the chemical constituents of durian pulp and peel. A total of 120 compounds have been detected. More than 120 compounds are found in skunks, metals, rubber, garlic, cheese, onions, honey, fruits, cooked beef, yeast, dried squid, etc. Among them, it is precisely 120 kinds of flavors that work together to create a super strong Durian flavor.” Expressed, Lee, Flow product manager.

Durian e juice flow

“From an evolutionary point of view, it may be related to the self-protection mechanism of organisms. Durian is actually a kind of hallucinogenic taste. Some people think that the odor is bad because a small number of people carrying the mutant gene do not have odor receptors, which can make durian hallucinate them, and self-protection mechanism makes them stay away from durian.”

“Now the Flow Durian flavor e liquid is on sale at Tmall and Youzan mall in China, welcome to order from Flow”, Said Lee.

The Flow product may soon be available on the overseas market. Welcome to subscribe to its latest news on Vape hk.

Flow official site: http://www.flowclub.com/


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