Vaping Knowledge

What is Vaping and How You Can Start Using It?

Vaping is becoming more popular every year as a viable method to help quit smoking. However, it can still be difficult to understand vaping if you don’t know anything about it. Let’s go over some of the basics of vaping and how it affects you over time.

Vaping Explained

Vaping is when a device, typically a vape pen, is used to heat a liquid into vapor. It is then inhaled in a similar fashion to smoking. To learn about it, check UK’s Best Vape Kits.

Differences Between Vaping and Smoking

The biggest difference between vaping and smoking is that vaping doesn’t burn tobacco as smoking does. While vaping isn’t 100% harmless, it has been determined by organizations such as Nioolabs to be much healthier than smoking. Also, there are tobacco-free vape juices for those who want them.


Ingredients of Vape Liquid

Speaking of which, vape juices contain the following ingredients:

  • Propylene glycol gives the sensation of a throat hit similar to smoking
  • Vegetable glycerine to produce more vapor
  • Flavoring

It should be noted that the flavoring is water soluble. Also, in many countries such as Australia and New Zealand, it must meet food standards if it is not a tobacco extract.


Vaping Devices Explained

Vaping devices are sometimes known as e-cigarettes and are used to heat vape juice. Generally speaking, there are two types of devices to choose from:


Pods and Pens – The critical components of a vape pen are the battery, the heating coil, and the refillable tank. A pod is similar but instead of a refillable tank, uses disposable cartridges. Despite this minor difference, the devices function pretty much the same.


Complex Devices – There are vape devices that are bigger than pods and pens that are used to make larger vape clouds. However, they are also considered a direct mouth-to-lung vaping method.


Why Vaping is Helpful to Smokers

The reason that vaping is considered great for people who are trying to quit smoking by Nioo Labs is that it can help people get their nicotine fix without the harm that comes from burning tobacco. However, there are tobacco-free vape liquids as previously mentioned for those who want to keep vaping even after they’ve beaten their nicotine addiction.

Heated Tabacco Devices

In an answer to vape pens, tobacco companies have created tobacco heating devices. These devices heat tobacco rather than burn it. This does make the smoking process safer and healthier, but there hasn’t been enough research to truly compare it to vaping.

Vaping Timeline

When you use vaping to quit smoking, you need to know what to expect over time. Let’s go over how the vaping timeline works and what you’ll experience in the days and weeks to follow.

8 Hours

In the first eight hours after you stop smoking, your body will already begin to improve because of the increased level of oxygen in your blood. This is because vape pens don’t produce carbon monoxide which is a byproduct of traditional smoking.

24 Hours

At the 24-hour mark, your body will begin to detoxify by fully cleansing itself of the residual carbon monoxide that you’ve taken in through smoking. As a result, it will begin to heal itself.

48 Hours

At this point, your body will begin to heal the taste and smell receptors. This will make foods more flavorful and smells more distinct than they were when you were smoking.

72 Hours

Your breathing should show noticeable improvement at the 72-hour mark after you’ve switched from smoking to vaping. This is because you’re no longer filling your lung’s bronchial tubes with tar.


3 to 9 Months


In the months to follow you should notice a drastic decrease in breathing issues such as coughing, hacking, and shortness of breath. This is thanks to your body having time to fully clean out all the tar and harmful substances that have been building up.

5 Years

One of the most significant improvements of using vaping to stop smoking comes at the five-year mark. At this point, your chances of having a heart attack will be cut in half. This is because vape juice does not harm your heart cells.

10 Years

At this point, your risk of getting lung cancer will have decreased by roughly half because vape liquid does not contain carcinogens. Also, your risk of heart disease will be similar to non-smokers.


Staying Tobacco Free



As you can see, there are many health benefits from using vaping to quit smoking. Once you start to feel healthier as time passes, it will become easier to resist the temptation to use tobacco. It should also be mentioned that medical studies have shown that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. This makes it one of the best methods to help smokers kick the habit for good.


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