What’s Sweet About CO2 Honey Oil?

There is a wide variety of extraction used to produce cannabis concentrates. One of them is the CO2 extraction. This kind of extraction produces Co2 Honey oil. The CO2 Honey oil, also known as CO2 Hash or Cannabis oil, refers to the cannabis concentrate made using CO2 or carbon dioxide as the solvent. There is a wide variety under the umbrella of CO2 oil, but all of them are classified as CO2 Cannabis or Hash oil. As long as the process of making the concentrate uses carbon dioxide as the solvent for extraction, it is considered a CO2 oil.

How to make the CO2 Honey Oil?

The CO2 Honey Oil derived its name from the process by which it is extracted and produced through the use of carbon dioxide as the solvent for extraction. The first step in extracting the CO2 Honey oil is the manipulation of pressure and temperature to turn the carbon dioxide into a liquid. The raw cannabis material is then soaked to the liquid carbon dioxide until the compounds separate from the plant material. The cannabinoids and terpene compounds are stripped off the raw plant material by soaking the raw plant material into the carbon dioxide solvent. When the main compounds have already separated from the plant and settled at the bottom of the container, pressure and temperature are manipulated again to turn the carbon dioxide liquid back into gas. And when the gas evaporates, the main compounds are left, which are then separated from the raw plant material. The compound is what is mainly used to make the honey-like CO2 cannabis oil.

How to use CO2 Honey oil?

The  Co2 Honey oil, hash oil, or cannabis oil is primarily consumed through vaporization. This type of cannabis concentrate is often consumed in a vape pen with a pre-filled cartridge. On the other hand, other forms of CO2 concentrate like CO2 wax and CO2 THC extract are primarily consumed through dabbing. You can smoke the CO2 honey oil through a portable vape or a vape pen, while for CO2 dabs, you have to put the concentrate in the dab nail, and when it vaporizes, you can smoke it through a pipe. The CO2 honey oil is highly potent because it is made up of pure cannabinoids and terpene compounds directly extracted from the raw cannabis plant.

What is Supercritical CO2 Extraction?

A CO2 honey oil can also be produced through supercritical extraction. In this type of cannabis extraction, the CO2 is compressed beyond its critical point until it reaches the supercritical point. It results in a supercritical fluid that is used to extract the main cannabis compounds, the cannabinoids and terpenes. The same process is applied. The supercritical fluid is then turned back to gas through the manipulation of temperature and pressure.

Supercritical extraction is known for producing high-quality CO2 honey oil because its process of extraction goes beyond the typical ‘critical point’ of the carbon dioxide solvent. The process of reaching the supercritical point of the carbon dioxide liquid produced well-harvested cannabinoids and terpenes that are not damaged by the process of beyond critical extraction.

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