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Which Vape Type Is The Best For The New Vapers

Once you have decided to switch from smoking to vaping, the next step is selecting the type of device. As there are a large number of vapes available in the market, you might get confused. However, the two main types of vapes include disposable vapes and reusable ones.


Selecting between vapes could be daunting, but it’s not as tough as you might think. Different vapers use various kinds of devices like. It isn’t possible to declare one device as the best for everyone. This is because It isn’t necessary that the vape others like is also the one you admire. Therefore, the Elf bar vape that suits you more than the others is the best for you.


Several factors can help you understand which vape kit is most reliable for you. Let’s look at the detailed points mentioned below:

Nicotine Satisfaction:

Nicotine is one of the most significant reasons why people vape and smoke. Though the nicotine present in vapes is present in e-liquid than the tobacco found in cigarettes.  Vapes contain nicotine in liquid form, which is heated instead of burning.


However, the vapers who have been ex-smokers use almost the same amount of nicotine in vapes as the quantity they were inhaling through cigarettes. They do this in order to satisfy their nicotine cravings.


So if you’re one of those, it is recommended for you to do the same. Starting your vaping journey with disposable vapes is an excellent option as those devices usually offer the same nicotine quantity as cigarettes.

Maintenance Requirement:

All vapes include components just like any other device. A device’s parts need to be in working condition or have sufficient supplies so it can be operated. Usually, the most common parts included in almost every vape device are the vape tank, atomiser, and battery.


Similar to machinery, the vapes can’t work unless their parts are functional. So a vaper needs to ensure the proper function of each vape component to keep vaping. More importantly, among the two main types of vapes, reusable vapes require maintenance of components such as a changing of e-liquid.


In contrast, the other major type of vaping device, disposable vape, doesn’t need to be maintained. Hence, if you don’t like to be involved in the maintenance process, you can go for these products.

Ease of Use:

One of the primary things a consumer sees in a product is the ease of use. It means a wise customer evaluates the product before buying it and whether it’s comfortable in use or not. So you, being a beginner in vaping, will definitely consider the option which is most convenient for you.


A disposable vape is the most easily used device, they are selected by many new vapers. This is because they come pre-filled with the e-liquid and fully charged battery, so the user can start using it straight away. This saves them time and effort.

Cost Effectiveness:

One of the prominent reasons for abandoning cigarettes is their cost. Cigarettes are much more expensive as compared to vapes. That’s also why many people consider the alternative.


So choosing a vape might be confusing for you as a new vaper. However, you can look for a device whose price is less than the cost of the number of cigarettes you were used to smoking. Notably, disposable vapes usually cost less than traditional cigarettes.



Though there are many amazing vape devices in the market like, aroma king vape that were made as per various consumers’ needs, there isn’t one best device for everyone. This is because if you like a vape, it isn’t necessary that others admire the same device. As both two major vape types mentioned above have various features demanded by different vapers.


Considering this fact, the question arises here what type is suitable for beginner vapers? There are several aforementioned factors that can help you find out.

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