Will the popularity of Zovol outrace HQD disposable vape

According to the data from Google Trends, Zovol brand is rising while HQD brand is falling. The trends see that they’re going to cross at some point. So we speculate that the new brand Zovol will outrace the popularity of HQD likely in the January of 2023.

Will Zovol outrace HQD disposble vape

The trends represent how many people are searching the brands, the more people need the brand, the more searches there will be. That’s how we speculate.

Vozol trends
Vozol fast-growing trend

However, if we compare the area size of the two brand trends, HQD is still the biggest winner.

smok trend

When taking a look at the most famous box mod brand Smok, we found it’s going downhill since 2018. Comparing it with the growing trend of Vozol disposable, we can see how the market is shifting in a complex and ever-changing environment.

As to why the HQD trend is going down while Zovol is going up steadily under the shadow of giants, we summarized 3 reasons.

  1. HQD is more expensive than Zovol generally. Zovol has made some surprise moves by making use of cheap recycled material in its product, saving a great cost. Vozol’s like half the price of HQD.
  2. Zovol’s sales agent system is better than HQD. There used to be lots of vapers and businesses asking for HQD products for self use or reselling, because they failed to buy products from the official directly according to the companies’ stale agent system. We can’t deny the system helped the company a lot in the earlier stage, though it sacrificed some future benefits. On the contrary, Zovol official is always ready to serve big or small resellers and agents.
  3. The huge reputation prevents the development of the large company. Like Juul, like some other big brands, are regulated and prevented from growing bigger.

In this industry, there is always something we can’t expect. Make money hard while getting ready to run away. Life is an adventure, survivors are not always respectful, and death with satisfaction is worthwhile sometimes.


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