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You Can Smoke Like This – Secret High Tech

I saw an innovative product called ibacco recently. The real cigarette can be inserted directly from the top, rolled in and out easily.

According to the relevant person in charge of ibacco, this is the world’s first, ceramic three-dimensional all-round heating, reducing the tobacco flavor, and the taste is more mellow. Heating and no burning, no open flame, no smoke ash, no carbon deposit, health and safety.

ibaccoibacco video

By heating non-combustion technology, it effectively filters out the production of carcinogens such as 90% tar and carbon monoxide. It is applicable to 99% of the ordinary cigarettes on the market, and no special cigarettes are required.

There are also five smoking modes: standard mode, light mode, mellow mode, strong mode, and custom mode. Read the introduction, no matter different patterns or different intensity, tastes are not limited and taste is unchanged. It can be seen that the development of this product has taken a lot of thoughts!


It is understood that this product like iQOS is currently on the market, the manufacturer is Shenzhen Ebak Technology, and Shenzhen Brother Cloud is the general distributor in China.

ald silmo 3.0
Shenzhen produces 90% of total vapes in the world and Hong Kong, the transition place of vapes, is beside Shenzhen. The author who lives in Shenzhen follows the origin of vapes closely and distribute the earliest vape news & reviews from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places in the world from most authoritative vape insiders.


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