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YouMe, known as Apple’s royal manufacturer, raised 73.6 million yuan for HNB pruduction

Shenzhen YouMe Group has received 73.6 million yuan investment at the first angel round financing recently. And as Apple‘s most important manufacturer, YouMe Group won the top capital support this time mainly relying on its super R&D strength.

Due to the restriction of core technology barriers, the vape products on the domestic market are mostly alike, which makes it difficult for the manufacturers in China to form a famous brand like JUUL.

An early venture investor said: “Now many teams with mobile phone background and new media background are making e-cigarettes. I prefer to choose a team with e-cigarette factory background.” He said. “Because on the one hand, such a team is guaranteed in the supply chain and design side, and can quickly iterate on the original basis to truly solve the real problems like common e juice leakage, core dry burning, ect. On the other hand, some brand operators already have great market operation and sales channel capabilities, and have the experience of bringing products overseas.”


As a high-end vape enterprise driven by technology and innovation, YouMe Group has a R&D team from Xiaomi and Huawei. Its R&D leader is a senior expert in the industry. And he has nearly ten years’experience in electronic cigarette research and development. What’s more, he has designed PCBA solutions for many world-renowned electronic cigarette brands, and many of them have become classic designs.

The founder of YouMe Group has the background as Apple’s designated manufacturer, and its strength is outstanding. On the breakthrough of core technology, YouMe Group has built four technical barriers: 1.deep baking and tar reduction technology at 315 °C ,2. top-level smoke purification system, 3. separate design 4. intelligent temperature control system.

Previously, YouMe Group mainly distributed its products overseas markets, and its Suorin electronic cigarette is also the pioneer of the open pod systems. It ranks top 3 in the category of “open pod system” in the U.S. electronic cigarette market for many years. At present, Suorin products have covered all over the world, including more than 90 countries and regions such as the United States, EU member states, Britain, Russia and so on. With strong R&D strength and operational experience, YouMe Group began to shift its strategy to domestic market.

At present, the product portfolio of YouMe Group includes four full-class flag products in different stages of development and commercialization, heat not burn products represented by YouMe Jingyanbao, and vape products represented by Suorin and Idols.

Among them, “YouMe Jingyanbao”, a high technology product which claims to have made breakthroughs in key technologies in the field of heat not burn, was officially launched on the mainland in April this year.

YouMe Group’s latest Jinyanbao – heat the traditional cigarettes

YouMe Jingyan Bao does not need cartridges, which can adapt to all kinds of traditional cigarettes on the market, innovative low-temperature roasting at 315 degrees and tar reduction purification technology, which can effectively filter 90% of harmful substances. It not only can improve the health of smokers, but also retains the original taste of cigarettes, which make it popular among older smokers.

After this round of financing, YouMe Group will focus on the research and development of core technologies and the market development, which will finally bring better product experience to smokers, while taking the lead in the initial stage of the domestic e-cigarette market.

I believe that with strong capital support and product technology innovation, YouMe Group will inject more vitality into the e-cig market.

Vape hk shop YouMe introduction:

YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette


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