YUOTO Disposable Vape At a Glance: Is It Worth Buying

Most of our VAPEHK readers have heard about disposable vape brands like Puff Bar, HQD, Esco Bars and Kang Vape, but most of you might have never heard of YUOTO vape. And the reason why we introduce YUOTO disposable vape sticks today is because of this brand’s cost-effective disposable vape products, which are available in Russia, USA, UAE and Australia, with a fast and safe shipping service.

Following are the major 3 reasons to buy or wholesale YUOTO vape.

1. YUOTO factory is large with huge capacity.

According to the sales from YUOTO brand Serena, YUOTO ships about 2 tons of disposable products every month to the global market since February 2021.  Currently, their factory is able to produce 5k pieces of disposable vape pens every day.

YUOTO Disposable Vape At a Glance

2. YUOTO brand is able to ship products without any problem.

Nowadays, PACT is threatening a large number vape businesses while YUOTO vape is able to get through it smoothly. YUOTO is able to ship the disposable vape product to your country without a problem, especially in Russia, UAE, and Australia. The USA market will be their next target, and they’re looking for new resellers and agents.

YUOTO Disposable Vape At a Glance

3. YUOTO product comes with good flavors and low price.

According to vapes that VAPE HK bought from YUOTO, their flavors are silky, smooth and consistent. There aren’t many cooling agents inside its vape juice, so its flavor is much milder and more tender than common iced flavors. So it’s not irritating your throat. And it gives you a feel of being more healthy (Just a feeling, not proved scientifically).

What’s more, according to YUOTO sales Serena, their product price including YUOTO Switch 1500 Puffs, YUOTO XXL DISPOSABLE 2500Puffs, YUOTO Lucious 3000 Puffs, could be as low as 2 USD per piece when you buy it in bulk. It means you can buy genuine disposables at an extremely low price to gain more profits with lower infringement risks.

YUOTO Disposable Vape At a Glance


YUOTO vape, or YUOTO tech is a new disposable vape brand worth having a try. The customers of your store might doesn’t care brand that much when you put it on the shelf as an alternative to other famous vape brands. And it works perfect, or even better than routine brands you hold.

To learn about YUOTO tech disposable, tap the following link (You can order YUOTO disposable for wholesale there directly or talk with their sales Serena online for a discount):


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2 years ago

2 days ago,, I just bought the skittles flavor 3000 because a), I thought it would last and b), I HATE ice flavors. The battery keeps sticking and I have a feeling it’s about to die. I KNOW I didn’t puff 3000 times in 2 days. This is literally the 3rd brand I’ve had this issue with. The only brand I’ve been 100% successful with is the Lit stick. It not only lasted 8 days. It also bypassed a 6 hour drive home. I paid a lot for this and I am VERY annoyed.

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