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50+ Vape Brands Including SMOK, ELFBAR, ANYX Will Attend Vape First Expo Morocco

From 14th to 15th July, Vape First Expo Morocco will be grandly opened in Casablanca. It has attracted more than 50 world-renowned vape brands such as SMOK, ELFBAR and ANYX to attend.

Morocco is located at the intersection of Africa, Europe and the Middle East. It is an important gateway connecting Africa and Europe. The market has strong radiation capabilities and stable political and economic development. The sales and use of vapes are legal, and the local market has great potential.

As Morocco’s first and only professional international exposition on vapes, Vape First Expo Morocco has an exhibition area of about 8,000m², and 12,000 professional users are invited. It will also attract a large number of vape enthusiasts and distributors from Morocco, the Middle East, Europe and the world to visit the exhibition.

50+ Vape Brands Including SMOK, ELFBAR, ANYX Will Attend Vape First Expo Morocco

According to the organizer, there are more than 50 exhibitors at Vape First Expo Morocco, covering all aspects of the industrial chain. For example, pod system brand ANYX, open vape brands SMOK and UWELL; disposable vape brands ELFBAR, ELUX, etc.; and e-liquid manufacturer ZINWI.

On 14th July, the “World E-cigarette Products Summit” will be held. Chairman and founders from government departments, international organizations, and well-known e-cigarette companies will focus on topics such as the development of the e-cigarette industry, and discuss the development of the global e-cigarette industry chain. Make suggestions for quality improvement and upgrading, continuously promote the deep integration of the world’s e-cigarette industry chain and innovation chain, and jointly draw a new vision for the e-cigarette industry.


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