ALD Fresor disposable vape review

Convenient and practical vaping device to stop craving cigarettes

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ALD Fresor disposable vape works great in vaporizing with good consistency. It's a convenient and practical vaping device to stop craving cigarettes at an affordable price.

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ALD released a new product or vaping solution named FRESOR last month according to the news. We got the Fresor disposable vape in 4 flavors last week and now give it a try.

ALD Fresor disposable vape hands-on

As far as the taste is concerned, it’s not bad. In the middle level, or a little upper-middle level. If the Boom Max taste is 5-star, then ALD Fresor should be around 4-star. I got flavors including cola, blueberry, passion fruit and banana. If only considering similar devices in the same small size, this taste can be called excellent.

The flavors and taste keep the same from the first puff to the last puff with great consistency. The brand new Vcot coil is applied for a better taste.

What matters most isn’t just taste for disposables, but also convenience. This disposable is lightweight and in small size. Easy for carrying or holding. And it will be at a low price indeed according to the small battery and cheap plastic surface, which is very affordable.

Anti-slip surface with bumpy stripes. That’s reasonable, small size devices need an anti-slip design because small things are too easy to slip away.

2ml pod will produce about 400 puffs, equal to a pack of cigarettes, able to support 2 days of vaping.

Nice endurance for the battery. The battery is more durable than the e-juice, so be careful of the last puff. Heating without e-juice will produce a heavy burnt smell. The great design is the transparent pod, allowing you to watch the left e-liquid and then arrange your following use.

The airflow is not adjustable with a fixed air hole in the bottom. No need to adjust the airflow for the closed and e-juice-filled small disposable.

It looks ordinary and humble from the outside as a disposable. However, a dozen patents applied in it will amaze you, for more details you can visit their official site at the end of the article.

Last but not least, it’s a prototype product not on sale, it’s mainly used for demonstration of its vaping performance. Leave alone the e-juice taste, the device works great in vaporizing.


ALD Fresor disposable vape specifications/ parameters

Size: 22*11.9*99.9mm

Capacity: 2.0ml

Battery: 410mAH

Wattage: 8.5W


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