ALD’s new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

Recently, the new heat-not-burn product ONE (Chinese name: Guiyi) launched by the HNB Division of Shenzhen ALD Technology Co., Ltd. has won the 2020 “Contemporary Good Design” award for its outstanding product concept and innovative shape design.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

This year’s Good Design Award Ceremony and Celebration was held online on December 18, when Dr. Peter Zack, founder and chairman of the Red Dot Award, made an appearance and gave a speech.

It is understood that as one of the four major red dot awards, the Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) is an international design award sponsored by the German Red Dot Award organization, which aims to select unique innovations and outstanding excellence for contemporary society. Good product. CGD’s review process is based on more than 60 years of professional review experience for the Red Dot Award.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

The jury consisted of 9 top experts in the field of international design, including Gordon Bruce (USA), Professor He Renke (China) and Professor Axel Thallemer (Germany). They are in line with the Red Dot Award judging lineup and will be responsible for the entire process. Participation review process.

This means that the Contemporary Good Design Award has the same professionalism, seriousness and authority as the German Red Dot Award. Under the fair, just, professional and rigorous screening by the international senior jury, all winning works have reached the international top standards.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

This time, ALD’s heat-not-burn award-winning new product ONE combines innovative and practical structural design, simple and flexible streamline appearance and superb industrial technology, and is committed to bringing a new atomization experience to users. According to reports, in terms of appearance design, ONE adopts the appearance design of anodized atomization rods, which visually presents a calm and elegant fashion beauty; the smooth and smooth curved surface design conforms to the ergonomic principle, and provides users with a grasp of the process of use Comfortable feel.

In terms of internal structure, ONE even uses ALD’s latest self-developed heat-not-burn technology to solve the problem of unstable base due to high temperature. In terms of temperature control, the heat radiation of ONE’s built-in chip is very uniform from the inside to the outside, so that the temperature at the bottom of the head is equal, and every part of the head is heated deeply, and the reducing alcohol has a positive taste, which brings users a safe, reliable, stable and excellent use. Experience.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award
ALD introduced that ONE, just like its Chinese name Guiyi, always conveys to customers the product concept of reducing complexity and simplifying, and uniting “mist”, and at the same time demonstrates the persistence and belief of pursuing purity and returning to experience vividly and vividly for users Provides a new atomization experience that is always “smooth, soft and stable” for every sip. In the end, ONE stood out among the many works selected by CGD, and won the favor and recognition of a large number of international judges.


This CGD award is not only a positive feedback from ALD’s continuous exploration of the heat-not-burn field for many years, but also strengthens the determination and belief in the industry. In the future, ALD stated that it will always adhere to technology research and development and product innovation, focus on product design and user experience, and give back to customers and society with better products and services, and create a better atomization experience for people.


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