ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance beautiful pod mod

Vapers who are familiar with common draw-activated starter kits like Relx, Mystlabs, Vuse know it’s very easy and foolproof to use those devices, just connect the pod with the device then start vaping.  So what’s the point of adding an extra power button to the pod system speaking of the new device we gonna introduce today? Let’s go and find out what’s new in ALD XPLLO pod vape.

ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance and beautiful pod mod

ALD XPLLO pod vape specifications/ parameters

Pod capacity: 2.0ml

Battery: 500mAh

Resistance: 1.7 Ohm Mesh Coil

Output power: 7.5W – 15W

Charging port: Type C


ald xpllo pod vape review

You’ll find it’s an upgraded pod vape compared to those ordinary 350mAh draw-activated starter kits reading the parameters. And it’s more powerful in vaping performance for its max 15W output according to the official compared to common 7.5W starter kits.

ALD XPPLO comes with a smaller 580mAh battery compared to the Smok Nfix Pro 700 mAh, while it doesn’t come with a display which saves more power for vaping. ALD XPPLO is not a fancy vaping device, but everything in it is exactly essential for vaping.

ALD XPLLO Kits content

1 X PLLO battery

1 X Closed pod

1 X Type-C cable

1 X User manual

ALD XPLLO pod vape try out

ALD XPLLO pod vape looks beautiful outside. There are gradient fragmentary patterns on the surface in light red and sky blue. And it reflects light from different directions when being rotated.

Meanwhile, ALD XPLLO differentiates itself from other ordinary pod vapes and disposable vapes with its higher performance.

According to our past experience, most disposable vapes and some pod vapes need a little pre-heat time by taking some light draws in advance to make the pod heat up, then produce sufficient vapor. The first puff is usually cold and not good enough for real vaping. You need the second puff to start a better vaping experience.

However, you won’t see a similar situation in ALD XPLLO. Because there is a power button on it. Press 5 times to start the device, or press 5 times to turn it off. When it’s turned on by the power button, the device is ready to use, and the vapor will be full and rich from first puff. Not like other pod vapes, it’s amazing that the vapor from ALD XPLLO is warm and mellow.

Observing real hands-on experience with it, this device is not only draw-activated but also button-pressing active. Double modes for vaping. Its operation style and working performance are kind of like mod vapes, while it’s much easier to use compared to mod vapes.

As we know the taste of e-liquid varies when heated by different power. And by pressing the power button 3 times when the device is on, you can switch from different modes of power, from 11W, 13W to 15W. Some e-liquids work better with a higher power while other high nicotine salt vape juice works well with low power. It satisfies the needs of different vapers.

ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance and beautiful pod mod

As to the pod, there are 2 options for choosing. One is the closed pod, the other is refillable pod.

ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance and beautiful pod mod

Closed pods are pre-filled with flavors like mint, mango, blueberry and other fruit flavors. While the refillable pod is empty and you need to add your hand-made e-juice or CBD oils into it yourself. It’s easy and takes less than 10 seconds as the following video shows:

The author prefers a closed pod because it’s as simple as smoking a cigarette. While refillable ones are not bad as well, it’s cost-effective and allow you to add your favorite flavors into the pod, more fun for DIY.


Overall speaking, ALD XPLLO is a perfect pod vape for a more advanced vaping experience compared to most pod vapes on market. Its vaping performance is stronger and the cloud is bigger. Moreover, vapers are able to control the power of the device with a button now, an interesting and useful design.

Last but not least, ALD is a large factory that majors in OEM. You may not find its finished products on market so easily because its products are usually made under other brands’ names. However, please rest assured to use it because they’re the manufacturer of many world-famous top vaping brands. If you’re looking to make your own brand in vaping field, working with ALD would be one of your best choices.

To learn more about ALD XPLLO, you can reach ALD by the following contact means:

Product page:


Email: [email protected]




ald xpllo pod vape review ald xpllo pod vape review

Excellent pod vape for vaping

ALD XPLLO apperance
ALD XPLLO vapor amount
ALD XPLLO endurance

ALD XPLLO pod vape produces a large vapor and comes with a strong performance in vaping. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful look which is very attractive. So highly recommended.

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