UWELL CROWN X 60W Pod System Review: Mastering Elegance, Power, and Advanced Vaping Innovation

Let’s have a chinwag about something pretty special in the vape world – the UWELL CROWN X 60W POD SYSTEM. Just a tick ago, we were all about the Caliburn GK3, a proper nostalgic piece that got us all intrigued (have a gander at the review here). But now, we’re turning the spotlight to its sibling, the CROWN X. This kit is not just another vape device; it’s UWELL stepping up their game yet again. So, let’s dive in and see what this bad boy has to offer. Check it out for yourself here.

UWELL CROWN X 60W Pod System Review: Mastering Elegance, Power, and Advanced Vaping Innovation

Unveiling the Specs and Features

Feature Specs
Dimensions 113mm x 30.8mm x 21mm
Battery Capacity 1500mAh Integrated Rechargeable
Wattage Range Up to 60W
Resistance Range 0.3-0.6ohm
Chassis Material Tough as nails Aluminum-Alloy
Display Screen Crisp TFT Color
Operation Dual-Firing (Draw or Button Activated)
Charging Quick and easy USB Type-C
Pod Connection Snug Magnetic
Pod Capacity Generous 5.3mL
Pod Material Durable PCTG
Fill System No-fuss Side-Fill
Coil Support Crown X Series
Coil Installation Simple Press-Fit
Airflow Customizable Adjustable Switch
Extra Features Puff Counter, PRO-FOCS Flavor Technology

The UWELL CROWN X isn’t just another pretty face in the vape shop. It’s got a beefy 1500mAh battery that’ll keep you vaping longer than a chat at the pub. With a wattage that can hit up to 60W, you’re in for some serious cloud action. The thing’s built sturdy with Aluminum-Alloy, so it can take a knock or two. Plus, the TFT color screen keeps all your stats clear as day.

Charging’s a doddle with the USB Type-C port, getting you back to vaping quicker. The 5.3mL pod is a right treat, letting you vape longer without refilling. And with the side-fill system, it’s mess-free. The adjustable airflow means you can dial in your perfect draw, whether you like it tight or airy. Plus, the PRO-FOCS Flavor Technology? Chef’s kiss for flavor.

UWELL CROWN X 60W Pod System Review: Mastering Elegance, Power, and Advanced Vaping Innovation

Exploring the Standout Features

Alright, let’s dive into the heart of the UWELL CROWN X and see what makes it tick. This kit’s not just about looking good; it’s about vaping smart and vaping right. So, here’s the scoop on its standout features:

  1. Coil’s the Deal: First off, the coils are swappable. Yep, you heard that right. No more tossing the whole pod when the coil’s had its day. Just pop in a new one, and you’re golden. It’s a game-changer for keeping things fresh and flavors crisp.
  2. Three’s Company with Trigger Modes: Whether you’re a fan of drawing, pushing a button, or a bit of both, the CROWN X has got you covered. It’s all about giving you the choice to vape how you want, when you want.
  3. Peek-a-Boo, I See You: That ultra-wide clearview (juice window) is a right gem. No more guessing games on how much juice you’ve got left. A quick glance, and you’re in the know. It’s the little things, innit?
  4. Taste the Difference with Pro-FOCS: UWELL’s unique Pro-FOCS flavor technology is like a flavor boost for your vape. It’s designed to make every puff taste better than the last. If you’re all about those flavor notes, you’re in for a treat.
  5. Fast Charge, No Fuss: With 2A fast charging through a Type-C port, you’ll spend less time tethered to a plug and more time enjoying your vape. It’s about making life easier, and the CROWN X nails it.
  6. Maxing Out on the Features: Now, let’s talk about the big guns – the max output power hits a sweet 60W with a 0.3 ohm coil, thanks to that boost mode. It’s about getting that consistent flavor and cloud production that’ll have you vaping in bliss. And with a coil lifespan of up to 30 days, a 5.3ml e-liquid capacity, and a 0.96 inch TFT color display, it’s clear the CROWN X is all about pushing the limits to max everything out. The X in its name? Stands for Max – as in, maxing out on quality, performance, and satisfaction.

UWELL CROWN X 60W Pod System Review: Mastering Elegance, Power, and Advanced Vaping Innovation

Personal Experience and Performance Review

Alright, vape squad, let’s get down to brass tacks with my hands-on experience with the UWELL CROWN X. This isn’t just any review; it’s a deep dive into what this kit’s really about, beyond the shiny exterior and the spec sheet.

First things first, the CROWN X doesn’t just win you over with its looks – though, let’s be honest, it’s a proper stunner. What really sets it apart is the consistent power output. We’re talking warm, rich vapor that hits you just right, instantly heating the vape juice without any faff or fluctuation. It’s like the device knows exactly what you need from your vape and delivers it on the spot.

Now, about the airflow system – it’s a bit of a revelation. Whether you’re after those massive clouds that fill the room or a more discreet puff, the CROWN X lets you dial in your perfect draw. And with the precise wattage adjustment, you can really fine-tune your vape to get the most out of different e-juices. It’s all about personalizing your vaping experience, and the CROWN X gives you the tools to do just that.

But it’s not just about the performance. This device is packed with features that make vaping a breeze while keeping things top-notch. The build quality? Solid. It feels premium in hand, and you can tell it’s built to last. And those color options – from the sleek black to the vibrant sunrise sky – there’s something for every style.

However, no device is perfect, and the CROWN X is no exception. While the side-fill system is generally hassle-free, it can be a bit fiddly if you’re using larger bottles of juice. And while the battery life is decent, heavy vapers might find themselves reaching for the charger by the end of the day.

But let’s not get bogged down in the nitty-gritty. Overall, the UWELL CROWN X is a standout device that marries high performance with premium craftsmanship. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into making it a top pick for vapers of all stripes. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned cloud chaser, the CROWN X has something to offer. And that sunrise sky color? It’s not just beautiful – it’s a statement.

UWELL CROWN X 60W Pod System Review: Mastering Elegance, Power, and Advanced Vaping Innovation

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Alright, let’s wrap our noggins around the pros and cons of the UWELL CROWN X, based on everything we’ve chatted about. It’s all well and good diving into the details, but sometimes you just need the lowdown, plain and simple.


  1. Swappable Coils: Big win here, folks. Being able to switch out coils instead of binning the whole pod is not only eco-friendly but wallet-friendly too.
  2. Versatile Vaping: Whether you’re a fan of drawing, button mashing, or a bit of both, the CROWN X has got you covered with its three trigger modes.
  3. Juice Window: That ultra-wide clearview is a game-changer. No more playing guesswork with your e-liquid levels.
  4. Top-Notch Flavor: Thanks to the Pro-FOCS flavor technology, every puff is a burst of pure, intense flavor. It’s like a flavor party, and you’re always invited.
  5. Quick Charging: With 2A fast charging and a Type-C port, you’re back in action in no time. Less waiting, more vaping.
  6. Maxed Out Features: From the 60W max power to the 5.3ml e-liquid capacity and everything in between, the CROWN X is all about giving you the max in every aspect.


  1. Side-Fill System: While generally hassle-free, it can get a tad fiddly with larger e-liquid bottles. A minor quibble, but worth mentioning.
  2. Battery Life for Heavy Vapers: If you’re vaping like there’s no tomorrow, you might find the battery life a bit on the lean side by day’s end.

The UWELL CROWN X is a bit of a belter in the world of pod systems. It’s packed with features that cater to a wide range of vaping styles and preferences, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to get their vape on. The device strikes a fine balance between performance, convenience, and quality, setting a high bar for what a pod system can be.

Getting Started with the UWELL CROWN X6

Alright, vape crew, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to use the UWELL CROWN X, making sure you’re getting the absolute best out of this little belter. It’s all about keeping things simple while ensuring you’re in the know. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to get you puffing away like a pro.

1. Cartridge Filling and Replacement:

  • First Fill: Whip off the cartridge from your shiny new device and peel away the insulating film on the bottom. No rush, take it easy.
  • Filling Up: Pop open the filler plug and introduce your e-liquid to its new home. Be gentle, no need to rush love.
  • Seal It Up: Push the filler plug back in place post-filling. Make sure it’s snug to avoid any messy leaks.
  • Back in Place: Slide the cartridge back into the device, nice and easy.
  • Replacement Time: If your cartridge is giving you the silent treatment (aka it’s done), just swap it out for a new one.

2. Airflow Adjustment:

  • Slide to the Left (or Right): Got a valve on the side that goes up and down. Find your sweet spot for the perfect draw.

3. Coil Replacement:

  • Out with the Old: Yank the used coil out of the cartridge.
  • In with the New: Slide the fresh coil in, making sure it’s sitting pretty.
  • Let It Soak: Give it a good 10 minutes after the first fill to avoid any burnt surprises.

4. Powering On/Off:

  • Hello and Goodbye: A quick click-fest (five times) on the button will wake it up or send it to sleep.UWELL CROWN X 60W Pod System Review: Mastering Elegance, Power, and Advanced Vaping Innovation

5. Vaping It Up:

  • Draw or Button: Take a puff or press the button when it’s on, and away you go.
  • Puff Counter: Keeps tabs on your vaping habits, because why not?

6. Power Adjustment:

  • Three’s the Magic Number: Three clicks get you into power adjustment mode. Flashy screen means it’s time to choose your power.
  • Pick Your Power: Use the button to select or hold it down for a quick scroll through the wattage.

7. Ignition Mode Switching:

  • Double Tap: Two quick clicks to switch between auto mode, air activation, and button activation. It’s all about options.

8. Battery Level Indicator:

  • Keep an Eye Out: The device lets you know how much juice you’ve got left, so you’re never caught off guard.

9. Charging Up:

  • Plug It In: Hook it up to a power source with the Type-C cable, and it’ll let you know when it’s full.

10. Safety First:

  • Protections: It’s got you covered with short-circuit, low voltage, and overtime protections, keeping your vaping safe.

Using the UWELL CROWN X is as easy as pie, with a few steps to ensure you’re getting the most out of your vape.

Concluding Thoughts on the UWELL CROWN X

Alright, vape fam, it’s time to wrap this up and give you the straight dope on the UWELL CROWN X. After taking it for a spin, diving into its features, and getting a real feel for what it’s all about, here’s the lowdown.

The UWELL CROWN X is a bit of a revelation in the pod system world. It’s not just about the sleek design or the range of cool colors (though, let’s be honest, that Sunrise Sky is a proper looker). It’s about how it performs where it counts – in your hand and on your taste buds.

This kit brings the goods with its swappable coils, customizable vaping experience thanks to the three trigger modes, and that ultra-wide clearview juice window. The Pro-FOCS flavor technology is a standout, making every puff a flavor-packed experience. And with the 2A fast charging, you’re never out of action for long.

But what really sets the CROWN X apart is its ability to deliver consistent power and a warm, rich vapor that makes every vape session a pleasure. The adjustable airflow and wattage mean you can tailor your vape to exactly how you like it, whether you’re all about those clouds or after the purest flavors.

Sure, it’s got a couple of minor niggles – the side-fill system can be a tad fiddly with bigger bottles, and if you’re vaping like a freight train, you might find the battery life a bit limiting. But these are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

In conclusion, the UWELL CROWN X is a top-notch pod system that ticks all the boxes for both newbies and seasoned vapers. It’s packed with features that enhance your vaping experience, built to last, and looks the business. Whether you’re after flavor, clouds, or just a reliable daily vape, the CROWN X is a solid choice that won’t steer you wrong. So, if you’re in the market for a new kit, the CROWN X is definitely worth a look. Happy vaping, folks!

Where to buy UWELL CROWN X 60W Pod System

Design and Build Quality (Sleek, durable aluminum-alloy chassis, premium feel)
Battery Life and Charging (1500mAh with 2A fast charging, though heavy usage may require frequent charging)
Vaping Performance (Consistent power output, warm and rich vapor production)
User Experience (Intuitive use, customizable settings, but side-fill system can be fiddly)
Flavor and Vapor Quality (Pro-FOCS flavor technology ensures excellent taste, adjustable airflow for tailored experience)
Coil System (Swappable coils extend device life and freshness of flavor, easy press-fit installation)
Pod Capacity and Filling (Generous 5.3mL capacity, side-fill might be tricky with larger bottles)
Innovative Features (Three trigger modes, clearview juice window, and boost mode for enhanced vaping)
Portability and Aesthetics (Compact size, attractive color options, but design might not appeal to all)
Overall Value (Packed with features, solid build, and performance, offering great value for the price)

UWELL CROWN X stands out for its exceptional power and performance, offering a seamless vaping experience with its robust build and innovative features, ensuring top-notch flavor and vapor quality

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Nuno G
Nuno G
1 month ago

Hi! I have a question regarding the review you have done of the device. I have been vaping at 30w 0.3ohm resistance and after 80 puffs battery goes from fully charged to 2 bars.
would you consider this to be normal according to you review of crown x ?

kind regards

Nuno G.
Nuno G.
1 month ago
Reply to  VAPE HK

I actually already have done 3 full charges. at 40w it gives me between 60-80 puffs at an average pull of 1.5 seconds. While charging it states charging is complete and then if I take it back and put it right back again it starts to recharge for anywhere between 20 minutes to 40 minutes for the last bar.

Did you run any benchmarks on power drain of the battery that you could share ? 🙂

Thank you

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