ANYX is Now Entering the Swiss Market on its One Year Anniversary, Partnering with Local Distributor Trade-X

On November 22nd, ANYX, the pod system expert, officially announced a strategic partnership with renowned Swiss local agent Trade-X, marking its formal entry into the Swiss market. This collaboration promises to bring innovative, high-quality electronic cigarette products to Swiss consumers, injecting new vitality into ANYX’s strategic positioning in Europe.


ANYX: A Leading Pod-System Brand

As a professional brand in the electronic cigarette industry, ANYX has consistently prioritized technological innovation and user experience. Internationally, ANYX has received acclaim for its outstanding product quality and innovative design. With remarkable presentations at recent international industry expos, ANYX has garnered enthusiastic attention from consumers worldwide. Stepping into the Swiss market, ANYX will uphold its high standards and, through close collaboration with local partner Trade-X, provide Swiss consumers with a more diverse range of choices. This move not only recognizes the potential of the Swiss market but also demonstrates confidence in a strong partnership. Trade-X, as a leading local agent in Switzerland, brings extensive market experience and a wide sales network, offering robust support for the promotion of ANYX products in the Swiss market.

Trade-X, as the exclusive agent for ANYX in Switzerland, will take on the responsibilities of promotion, sales, and after-sales service. Through a close partnership, both parties are committed to delivering higher-quality electronic cigarette products to Swiss consumers, fostering an excellent consumer experience.


A Strong Partnership Opening New Horizons in the Swiss Market

ANYX CEO Sanking Han expressed, “We are thrilled to engage in a strategic collaboration with Trade-X, signifying further expansion for ANYX in the European market. Beyond our longstanding commitment to user-driven product innovation, we are also attentive to adhering to local market policies and regulations, serving our customers and consumers with a long-term brand philosophy, continually contributing remarkable products to the industry. The Swiss market is renowned for its high standards of quality, and we believe that through collaboration with Trade-X, ANYX will bring more innovative and high-quality electronic cigarette products to Swiss consumers.”

Trade-X CEO Chris also expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, “ANYX, as a brand focused on pod-based electronic cigarettes, possesses leading technology and an innovative product line. Particularly, the ANYX Pro has gained widespread attention and acclaim in the industry. We look forward to providing Swiss consumers with more diversified choices through this collaboration and jointly driving the development of the Swiss electronic cigarette market.”

About ANYX

ANYX is a user-driven brand. Our entrepreneurial attitude allows us to provide safe, reliable, and high-quality products for our users while simultaneously creating value for our partners. ANYX always puts enjoyment and sensory pleasure at the top of our core values. As an atomization technology company integrating a strong R&D team (consisting of 120+ engineers), production, and sales, and an advanced digital marketing inventory management system. ANYX owns more than 2300 industry patents and 120 production lines covering 3 production bases. Our list of management certifications is extensive, which includes ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO20000/GMP, etc.


With over three decades of business experience, we are a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, helping them bring their innovative products to the Swiss market. We have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities businesses face in today’s Swiss market, and we are committed to providing our clients with the expertise and support they need to succeed. We have a proven track record of success across a wide range of industries, including electronics, vaping products, consumer packaged goods, and strategy consulting. Our team of experienced professionals is passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals, and we are always looking for new, innovative ways to help them succeed.


For more information please visit:

Follow us: @anyx.switzerland

Email: [email protected]


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7 months ago

It looks good; even you have offline materials, many of other brand didnt have it.

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