ANYX BRIX 800 Puff Lego Building Block Style Disposable Vape Review

Have you ever seen a disposable in the shape of a lego building brick? In a world where nostalgia meets innovation, the ANYX BRIX emerges as a delightful bridge between the cherished memories of childhood and the adult world of vaping. Though we’ve all grown up and embraced the responsibilities and freedoms of adulthood, the longing for the simplicity and joy of our youth remains. In this spirit, let’s dive into a product that not only tickles the fancy of our inner child but also caters to our adult needs – the ANYX BRIX disposable vape, a gadget that’s as playful as it is functional, embodying the whimsical charm of lego building blocks with the sophistication of modern vaping technology.

ANYX BRIX 800 puff lego building block style disposable vape

ANYX BRIX Specifications – A Detailed Overview

Specification Detail
Nicotine Strength 20mg/ml
Puffs 800
Capacity 2ml
Battery 320mAh
Flavor Choices 10
Color Choices 10
E-Liquid Ingredients Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Salt Nicotine, Flavors
Shape and Style Lego Building Blocks
Manufacturer Shenzhen ANYX Technology Co., Ltd

ANYX Showcases Its New Product - ANYX BRIX-The Playful Disposable

My Personal Journey with ANYX BRIX – A Playful Experience

My experience with the ANYX BRIX was nothing short of a delightful surprise. It’s the first disposable vape I’ve encountered in the form of lego building blocks, a concept so playful and innovative that it instantly piqued my curiosity. This product stands out not just for its unique design but for its ability to marry creativity with the act of vaping. The ability to build animals, rockets, flowers, and even a vaper with these blocks offers a whimsical and engaging experience that’s hard to find in the vaping world. The array of colors available for creating different patterns adds another layer of fun, making the vaping experience visually stimulating as well.

ANYX BRIX 800 puff lego building block style disposable vape

“When I get tired, I can just take a few puffs, and that’s where I’m happier than a kid.” This statement resonates deeply with me, highlighting the joy and relaxation the ANYX BRIX brings into my life. Echoing the words of Sanking Han, the CEO of ANYX, “We are thrilled to introduce ANYX BRIX to the vaping community. Our goal was to bring a sense of fun and creativity to vaping, and ANYX BRIX achieves just that. By combining the familiar joy of building blocks with the pleasure of vaping, we are offering our customers a truly unique and enjoyable experience.” I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.

The ANYX BRIX comes in 10 vibrant flavors, each associated with a different color, making the vape visually appealing and flavorful. Though it’s a typical mouth-to-lung vape with a smaller vapor amount and a small, non-rechargeable battery, it doesn’t fall short in delivering a satisfying vaping experience. The vapor produced is just the right amount, neither too thin nor overpowering. The taste, enhanced by high-quality vegetable glycerin, is silky and smooth, indicating the use of premium vape juice. Despite its 20mg nicotine strength, it feels more potent and gratifying, likely due to its efficient mesh coil design.

A small, understated LED light at the bottom of the vape is a thoughtful addition, ensuring the design is not overly flashy or distracting, which is great for conserving battery life.

ANYX BRIX 800 puff lego building block style disposable vape

Pros and Cons of ANYX BRIX – An Honest Assessment


  • Innovative and playful design that allows for creativity.
  • Wide range of flavors and colors to choose from.
  • High-quality taste and satisfactory nicotine strength.
  • Efficient use of a mesh coil for a better vaping experience.
  • Minimalist LED design conserving battery life.


  • Small battery capacity and non-rechargeable design.
  • Limited to 800 puffs, which may not suffice for heavy users.

ANYX BRIX 800 puff lego building block style disposable vape

ANYX BRIX Review Conclusion – A New Era of Vaping

Concluding, the ANYX BRIX is a breath of fresh air in the vaping market, blending nostalgia with modern vaping needs. Its lego block design not only diminishes stress and evokes positive feelings but also adds a touch of nostalgia, making each vaping session a trip down memory lane. Unveiled recently at Vapexpo Paris, the ANYX BRIX has already started to carve a niche for itself among vaping enthusiasts looking for something beyond just nicotine satisfaction. For those yearning for a vaping experience that is playful, colorful, and reminiscent of childhood joys, the ANYX BRIX comes highly recommended.

Learn more about ANYX BRIX from the ANYX official

Innovative Design (Creative, playful lego concept)
Flavor Variety (Wide range of choices)
Visual Appeal (Colorful and engaging)
User Experience (Fun, engaging building aspect)
Taste Quality (Silky, smooth vapor)
Nicotine Satisfaction (Potent and satisfying)
Vapor Production (Proper amount, not overpowering)
Battery Life (Small capacity, non-rechargeable)
Eco-Friendliness (Disposable nature, waste consideration)
Portability (Convenient and pocket-sized)

ANYX BRIX scores high for its innovative design, flavor variety, and user experience, making vaping fun and nostalgic. Despite its shorter battery life, it's highly recommended for a unique, enjoyable experience.

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