Pod Expert ANYX Unveils Innovative G-MESH Coil Technology at WVS Dubai

[Dubai,13th June, 2024] — At the 2024 World Vape Show (WVS Dubai), the pod system Expert ANYX introduced 4 products which equipped its latest innovation, the G-MESH coil technology-ANYX PRO、ANYX GO、ANYX POLO & ANYX MAX PLUS. This breakthrough technology captured significant attention from vape industry professionals and media worldwide.

In the vape industry, “flavor perception” refers to users’ subjective experience and evaluation of e-cigarette flavors, influenced by various factors, with the atomizer coil being a key element. The atomizer coil plays a crucial role in the working principle of e-cigarettes, responsible for heating and vaporizing e-liquid to produce vapor for inhalation. A good atomizer coil is like a high-performance engine, capable of unleashing the full potential of the e-liquid.

There is no doubt that product core competitiveness and continuous technological innovation form the foundation of a successful e-cigarette brand. In an industry trending towards fast fashion consumer products, technological innovation remains a long-standing challenge for manufacturers and brand owners.


G-MESH Technology Highlights

ANYX G-MESH combines the advantages of both cotton and ceramic coils while addressing their shortcomings. This technology revolutionizes traditional atomization by achieving a particle size of just 324 nanometers, surpassing all cotton and ceramic coils. Additionally, to maximize internal space efficiency and reduce device size, G-MESH achieves a thickness of only 1mm, 67% thinner than ceramic coils.


G-MESH naturally possesses food-grade safety, combining the characteristics of superconducting materials with an amorphous structure. Compared to other materials, G-MESH has a higher critical temperature and excellent acid and alkali resistance, making it highly suitable for handling the weak acids and bases found in e-liquids. These features demonstrate the immense potential of G-MESH in the vape industry. Furthermore, G-MESH offers the following five key user experience advantages:


Enhanced Flavor:

G-MESH’s aerosol particle fineness is improved by 35%, significantly reducing oral residue for a cleaner and more comfortable flavor. Additionally, the finer aerosol particles aid in the full release of nicotine, providing a more satisfying experience for users transitioning from traditional cigarettes.

G-MESH also boasts 8 times faster oil absorption speed and uses micro-layer technology to greatly reduce the likelihood of dry hits, delivering a smoother draw and purer flavor.

anyx g-mesh coil Flavor Authenticity:

With a thickness of just 1mm, ANYX G-MESH has clear advantages. Compared to ceramic coils over 3mm thick, G-MESH offers higher flavor reproduction and better sweetness and aroma. Its ultra-thin profile also allows compatibility with 40% more e-liquid flavors than other products, enriching the product’s flavor variety.

Puff Count:

Compared to mainstream products, G-MESH can increase the puff count by over 70% with the same amount of e-liquid, providing users with a more cost-effective and longer-lasting vaping experience.


G-MESH’s lifespan is five times longer than other atomizer coils, significantly enhancing product durability. Additionally, the acid and alkali resistance of superconducting glass extends the storage time of e-liquids.


Unlike cotton and ceramic coils with multiple components, ANYX G-MESH offers higher purity. More importantly, superconducting glass itself is a highly safe food additive, greatly improving user safety.


Enthusiastic Reception at the Expo

ANYX CEO Sanking Han stated: “The G-MESH coil technology is the culmination of years of research and innovation. We believe this technology will revolutionize the vaping experience, offering higher quality vapor and purer flavor.”


Exhibitors and visitors from around the world showed keen interest in the G-MESH coil. Many attendees experienced ANYX’s new devices equipped with G-MESH coils firsthand, giving high praise for their outstanding performance.


About ANYX

ANYX is an innovative company specializing in pod systems, dedicated to providing the best vaping experience for global users through technological innovation and high-quality products. With leading R&D capabilities and exceptional product design, ANYX has become a well-known brand in the vape industry, earning the trust and love of consumers.


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