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The author who has 5 years of experience writing on vapes, stays in Shenzhen and follows the origin of vapes closely. He distributes the earliest vape news & reviews from most authoritative vape insiders. DISCLAIMER

The Top 7 Best E-Liquids of 2017

E-liquids are created and distributed every day and while this is exciting, it makes it tough to find the perfect e-liquid. From desert and...

The incredable full screen vape pen – X-Priv suite

When it comes to the full screen, you could first think of an all screen mobile phone, in which iPhone X is a full screen...

New comer becomes experienced in a flash: 10 minimal core vape recommendation

Many friends come from the finished vape to the DIY vape, even some users want to directly touch the DIY vape at the beginning,...

1 skill to keep you away from e liquid leaking – did you stuff up your cotton ?

Is your cotton really stuffed up? 99% newbies ignore this. When the e juice is leaking. Is your cotton really ready? This is a very painful...

Western Nic E Liquid/Vape Juice Review

Tobacco taste vape juice/e liquid is the ancestor of the e juice taste. At the birth of the electronic cigarette, the tobacco tastejuice/e liquid vape...

Strong taste and easy operation, the WOTOFO RDA user experience

The structure of the DIY atomizer is constantly being simplified and the direction of the operation is going to be more convenient. It is...

Nudge RDA Pictures


Rose MTL RTA Tutorials

The Golden Rose atomize is the rose MTL upgrade version, the oil hole is enlarged, easy to operate, the video has structural contrast and...

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