B+MOR disposable vape review – 5 different models included

The author invited Canadian friend Justin Prince, PGA to test how Bmor vape work. After 1 week of use, he draws the following points of views:

“Hey Jesse, I’ve been trying each of these units for a week and a half now. Wanted to give you some honest feedback before posting online.

B+MOR disposable vape review

These devices are okay. The biggest problem I find is that it leaks oil into your mouth.


B+MOR disposable vape review

This was my favorite device, but two of them lost the flavor almost immediately after just a few puffs


B+MOR disposable vape review

This became my favorite device, although I didn’t like the flavors particularly well. And I find with this device the flavor remains in your throat until you hack out the phlegm. The taste in my throat is so powerful even when I eat or drink I can still taste the flavor, which I don’t like. As the divide runs out of juice it gets better, oddly enough, maybe because it isn’t so strong.”


B+MOR disposable vape review

The “fantasy jungle” is the only one, this style that didn’t lose the flavor almost immediately

First couple puffs were great and then the flavor goes away

I shake it and I’ve held it upside down. Small puffs, big puffs… all the same result…”


Alright, that’s all of what Justin shared with us. According to what he talked about, every model has its own advantages and disadvantages, while the user experience is generally okay. Some are even outstanding. What perfect result can we expect from this inexpensive device? It worths the cost of 5 USD.

Bmor models are very similar to Puff Bar and Kang Vape series, so similar issues will inevitably happen in other disposable vapes from different brands. However, once the vaping experience is mostly at middle-upper level, those negative part of the user experience is tolerable.

According to the author’s own experience on Bmor, the author would rate it as 8.5/10.  If the price factor is counted in, the final star rating is 9/10.

Where to buy Bmor disposable vape


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