Chilling With the Cool Kids: A Review of the Lost Mary Black Mint MO5000 and OS5000

In the ever-expanding universe of vaping, the Lost Mary Black Mint series has become somewhat of a legend. Today, we dive deep into the frosty abyss to uncover the secrets of the Lost Mary Black Mint MO5000 and OS5000. Hold onto your hats (or should I say, vape pens?), because this journey through clouds of minty freshness promises to be both enlightening and amusing.

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Lost Mary Black Mint MO5000


The Lost Mary Black Mint MO5000 stands out in the crowded vape market with its robust specifications that cater to seasoned vapers looking for a reliable, long-lasting device. The 10ml e-liquid capacity is generously sized, ensuring you can enjoy extensive vaping sessions without frequent refills. It comes packed with a high nicotine level of 50mg, perfect for those who prefer a stronger hit. The device employs a high-efficiency mesh coil that enhances the flavor extraction, making every puff a rich and satisfying experience. With over 5000 puffs per device, users can indulge in lengthy vaping without worrying about running out soon. The inclusion of a 650mAh battery, rechargeable via USB-C, adds a modern convenience, allowing for quick recharging and extended device longevity. This makes the MO5000 an excellent choice for vapers who value performance and ease of use.

Design and Build Quality

The Lost Mary Black Mint MO5000 is a masterpiece of vape design, combining aesthetics with functionality in a compact, user-friendly form. The device’s sleek, cylindrical shape is not only visually appealing but also makes it extremely portable and easy to handle. Its outer casing is made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition even after repeated use.

The build quality of the MO5000 speaks volumes about the attention to detail in its engineering. It features a robust construction that feels solid in your hand, yet it’s light enough to carry around without any hassle. The design includes a non-slip finish which enhances grip and prevents accidental drops, adding an extra layer of durability.

Moreover, the device’s components, like the mesh coil, are seamlessly integrated, providing a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience. This mesh coil is specifically designed to heat the e-liquid evenly, producing a superior flavor and vapor quality that can satisfy even the most discerning vapers.

Additionally, the USB-C charging port is a modern touch that not only supports faster charging but also adds to the convenience by being reversible, eliminating the common frustration of plugging in chargers the wrong way. The thoughtful design and high-quality materials used in the MO5000 ensure it stands out as a top contender in its category, reflecting a perfect balance between practicality and stylish presentation.

Pros and Cons

Pros: One of its primary strengths is the powerful nicotine hit provided by its 50mg nicotine content, which is ideal for vapers seeking intense satisfaction from their sessions. The device also boasts a high puff count of over 5000, making it a workhorse that can handle extensive use without needing a refill or recharge too quickly. This is particularly beneficial for heavy users or those who prefer not to carry multiple devices or e-liquid bottles. Furthermore, the inclusion of a mesh coil enhances the flavor delivery, ensuring that each puff is as flavorful as the last. The USB-C charging capability rounds out its impressive feature set, offering modern convenience with faster and more efficient power replenishment.

Cons: The high nicotine level, while perfect for some, can be overwhelming for new vapers or those sensitive to nicotine. This makes it less suitable for beginners or people looking to reduce their nicotine intake. Additionally, the device does not allow for e-liquid refills, which means once the pre-filled contents are depleted, the entire unit must be replaced. This can lead to higher long-term costs and more waste compared to refillable models. The fixed e-liquid capacity and nicotine strength also limit customization, which may not appeal to users who prefer to tweak their vaping experience to their exact preferences.

Lost Mary Black Mint OS5000


The Lost Mary Black Mint OS5000 is an elegantly designed vape device that offers both style and substantial vaping capacity. It comes equipped with a generous 13ml e-liquid capacity, which allows for extended vaping sessions without frequent refills. The nicotine strength of 5% strikes a perfect balance, providing a smooth yet satisfying hit that is ideal for both moderate and transitioning vapers. The device boasts a standard 650mAh battery, sufficient to power through 5,000 puffs, ensuring that users can enjoy consistent performance throughout the day. This makes the OS5000 a great option for vapers who appreciate a longer-lasting, reliable vaping experience without the harshness of higher nicotine levels.

Design and Build Quality

The Lost Mary Black Mint OS5000 is crafted with meticulous attention to design and durability, making it a robust and stylish choice for vaping enthusiasts. The device sports a sleek, minimalist look, characterized by smooth lines and an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the hand. This design not only enhances its visual appeal but also improves usability, allowing for easy operation whether you’re at home or on the go.

In terms of build quality, the OS5000 is constructed with high-grade materials that stand up to everyday wear and tear. The exterior is resistant to scratches and minor impacts, ensuring that the device maintains its aesthetic integrity over time. Internally, the OS5000 features advanced engineering that includes a well-integrated battery system and a secure e-liquid chamber that prevents leaks, which is a common issue in less meticulously designed vape devices. This combination of external durability and internal quality control positions the OS5000 as a reliable and attractive option for anyone serious about their vaping experience.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The device’s 13ml e-liquid capacity is significantly larger than many competitors, offering users extended vaping sessions with less frequent refills. This is especially convenient for those who vape regularly and prefer not to carry extra e-liquid. Additionally, the nicotine strength of 5% is ideally balanced to provide a smooth vaping experience without overwhelming the user, making it suitable for those who prefer a milder nicotine hit or are in the process of reducing their nicotine intake. The battery capacity of 650mAh ensures that the device can deliver all 5,000 puffs without needing a charge, providing reliability and peace of mind throughout the day. The OS5000’s design is both stylish and functional, featuring a compact and durable build that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Cons: While the larger e-liquid capacity is beneficial, it also means the device is slightly bulkier than some users might prefer, potentially making it less ideal for those seeking a more discreet vaping option. The fixed nicotine strength of 5% may not satisfy users who desire stronger effects or more flexibility in customizing their vaping experience. Additionally, like the MO5000, the OS5000 does not allow for e-liquid refills; once the vape juice is depleted, the entire device must be replaced. This can lead to higher overall costs and more environmental waste compared to refillable models. Lastly, despite its robust build, the non-adjustable settings may not cater to the preferences of more experienced vapers who like to tweak their device settings for optimal performance.


The Lost Mary Black Mint MO5000 and OS5000 offer unique features tailored to different vaping preferences, both boasting impressive specifications and build quality. The MO5000 is well-suited for those seeking a strong nicotine hit and extensive usage with its 50mg nicotine level and 5000+ puffs capability. Its design is both ergonomic and durable, ideal for everyday use. On the other hand, the OS5000 caters to users preferring a milder experience, with its 5% nicotine strength and a larger 13ml e-liquid capacity, allowing for fewer refills and smoother sessions. Both devices share a sleek, stylish design and are built to last, though they lack customization options due to their non-refillable nature, which might be a downside for some users. Each model offers reliability and convenience but addresses different user needs in the expansive vaping market.


1. Can the Lost Mary Black Mint devices be refilled?

No, both the Lost Mary Black Mint MO5000 and OS5000 are designed as disposable devices. Once the e-liquid is depleted, the entire device needs to be replaced. They do not offer the option for refilling, which emphasizes convenience but may lead to higher costs over time if used frequently.

2. What is the battery life like on these devices?

Both devices come with a 650mAh battery, which is robust enough to last through the entire 5000 puffs that each device can offer. This makes them highly reliable for extended use, ensuring that users can enjoy long vaping sessions without frequent recharges. The USB-C charging feature also allows for quick and efficient charging.

3. Are these devices suitable for beginners?

The Lost Mary Black Mint OS5000, with its 5% nicotine strength and smoother hit, is generally more suitable for beginners or those looking to reduce their nicotine intake. The MO5000, however, with its higher 50mg nicotine content, is better suited for experienced vapers or those who need a stronger nicotine dose.

4. How portable are the MO5000 and OS5000 devices?

Both the MO5000 and OS5000 are designed with portability in mind. Their sleek, compact designs make them easy to carry in a pocket or purse. The OS5000, though slightly bulkier due to its larger e-liquid capacity, remains portable and discreet enough for everyday use.

5. How do the mesh coils affect the vaping experience?

The mesh coils used in both the MO5000 and OS5000 are designed to enhance the flavor and consistency of the vapor. Mesh coils provide a more even heat distribution, which not only improves the quality of each puff but also ensures that the e-liquid is efficiently vaporized, reducing the likelihood of burnt hits and enhancing the overall vaping experience.

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