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Cleaning Your Electronic Cigarettes For A Better User Experience

Electronic cigarettes have been known to be a potential alternative to smokers that are trying to quit. Most smokers are addicted and may make plans year in and year out to quit but keep going back to this cycle and mostly hate themselves.

The solution to the addiction may likely be e-cigarettes, it is known to give you the feeling you get when you smoke, but in this case, you are not actually smoking; the use of e-cigarette is called vaping.

The electronic cigarette is a device with structure ranging from the known shape of a cigar, pen, or USB drive and other customized structures. The chemical used in an e-cigarette could vary depending on what the user wants. It is usually composed of the atomizer, mouthpiece, e-liquid, etc.

What are electronic cigarette coils?

They are also called vape or atomizer coils; they are specifically one of the most important components of the e-cigarette. They are the component that helps to heat up the liquid so they can be inhaled by the users.

The vape coils are usually replaceable as they tend to burn off, and this tends to affect your vaping either by changing the flavor or making your vaping unenjoyable.

The vape coil has a shelf life of about one to two weeks due to the heat generated. The liquid tends to leave a residue that could get the coil clogged

When to clean the Electronic Cigarette?

Cleaning the electronic cigarette should be a routine that is done regularly; most people suggest that your cleaning and maintenance of the vape should depend on how often you clean the vape.

The vape was not structured in a way that it can last for a long time but depending on how well you are able to maintain it. The more maintained a vape, the longer it lasts.

Often the drape might show physical signs that it needs to be changed. Some of these signs might include

  • Burnt taste of the vape

The flavoring from vaping is known to attract many users, but when the vape taste burnt, it could be a very horrible experience for the user.

This sign is very noticeable for most users as it causes a very uncomfortable feeling for the user and could even make them sick. There are a lot of reasons that a vape could taste burnt; some of them are

  • Use of powerful e-liquids

There are limits to the liquid that a vape can carry; it usually depends on the type of vape. If you want to use liquids with high voltage, it is advisable that you get a vape that carries it, or it could boil the coil and hence cause the burnt taste.

  • Using high wattages

The use of high wattages would vaporize the liquid quickly, and it could burn the coil, so it is very important to know the highest it can carry, so it doesn’t damage the vape.

  • Chain vaping

This is a continuous inhalation of the vapor; this would make the liquid dry up fast and hence damage the vape.

  • Rippling sound of the vape

When the vape starts making strange sounds like this, it could mean different things, probably that the coil has been clogged. It shows that it needs to the cleaned.

  • Leaking of the liquid

When there is an obvious liquid of the liquid into components such as the batteries, it shows that the vape has to be checked immediately. The whole vape is to be disassembled and cleaned. The leaking should stop at this point; however, if it continues, the coil needs to be replaced.

Other signs could be as a result ofthe difficulty in inhaling the vapor due to an obstruction or when it takes a lot of strength to pull the vapor up.

How to Clean Electronic cigarettes?

Cleaning the e-cigarette usually consists of cleaning all the various components. The General cleaning process would usually involve the disassembling of the vape; it is however important to note the arrangement of the device, so you know where each component goes.

The next step is to allow the water to run through the tank to wash off excess residue. This process should be done for a few minutes. Finally, the components could be dipped into alcohol to wash away residues that the water was not able to wash off.

It should be cleaned with a towel to ensure that stubborn residue is not present, thereafter an air-drying process. The air-drying process is used because they are heat-sensitive materials.

How to clean the e-cigarette pen?

Cleaning of the pen involves the following

  • Disassembling the pen

This is the first step towards cleaning your pen; carefully separate all components of the pen; this process requires you to be careful, so you do not destroy it.

  • Clean with the brush

The best way to clean your pen is to use a brush to remove dirt

  • Clean the mouthpiece
  • Reassemble your pen

How to clean the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette?

This is a quite easy and very important process; it usually includes

  • With a damp cloth, clean the exterior part of the mouthpiece
  • For the interiors, use a dabbing tool to clean thoroughly
  • For a more rigorous cleaning, you can soak the mouthpiece in alcohol and then wash it with warm water.

This process helps to properly disinfect and decontaminate the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette,

How to clean an e-cigarette coil?

The coil is the replaceable part of the e-cigarette; when the coil is weak or has been burnt, it is, however, advisable to replace the coil, but cleaning your coil from time to time would increase the lifespan of the coil. Some ways you can clean your coil include

  1. Place them under a running tap to get rid of excesses that may have clogged the coil.
  2. Put them in a bowl containing and leave it overnight and cover up to prevent the alcohol from vaporizing into the atmosphere. Normally you should notice a color change.
  3. Place them under running water again so remove particles that may still be present.
  4. Air dry to get rid of moisture.


Your e-cigarette needs to be cleaned regularly because it differs from the conventional cigarette. It can be used more than once. This is an advantage in that it saves cost, yet it can be a problem due to contamination.

Most people feel the maintaining the e-cigarette is quite expensive, but most of the cost of replacing can be avoided if proper and routine cleaning takes place as we say most times, prevention is better than cure, so in this case, maintaining is cheaper and cost-effective than replacing the components.  Always ensure that the taste of your flavor is not bad, and if it is, it is important that you clean up your tank properly.

It is imperative to know the strength of your e-cigarette so you do not overload it with what it might not be able to carry hence damaging it. The battery of your e-cigarette should be checked at all times so as ensure it’s not damaged, which can affect the taste of your flavor and also cause a fire incidence.

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