Evove Lite review – A portable pod vape with 50mg/ml nicotine

I saw the Evove CEO Samuel is inviting friends to try his new pod vape Evove Lite at half of its price. So I order one for a test.

Evove Lite

Evove Lite is sold at 199 RMB on JD. While on Jiguo (the following picture), you can purchase it at 99.5 RMB only.

Evove Lite

The order arrived in 2 days. Here is the packaging.

Evove LiteEvove LiteEvove LiteEvove LiteEvove LiteEvove Lite

The user manual.

Evove Lite

2 Cartridges: Mung bean flavor and Mint flavor

Evove LiteEvove LiteEvove LiteEvove LiteEvove Lite Evove LiteEvove LiteEvove LiteEvove Lite

How does it look like when charging:

And here is the specifications:
Model: EVOVE lite
Content: 1 device, 2 cartridges, 1 charge cable
Cartridge volume: 1.2ml
Nicotine volume: 50mg/ml
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Size: 10cm*1cm*0.5cm (Portable small size)

Evove official site: https://www.evovevape.cn/

Where to buy

EVOVE lite nicotine volume
EVOVE lite vapor production
EVOVE lite device size
EVOVE lite color
EVOVE lite cartridge replacing

EVOVE lite is a colorful, portable, low vapor production, high nicotine containing, easy cartridge replacing and convenient starter vape pod kit for beginners.

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