Former Heineken Brouwerijen sales executive in China, Liu Shuo joined SnowPlus

Sources revealed that SnowPlus electronic cigarette invites Liu Shuo, a veteran of marketing and sales management in ABInbev Headquarters, Heineken China and Kraft Heinz China, to join as head of its national sales channel and take over the sales and consumer marketing business of SnowPlus brand.


In the first half of this year, the electronic cigarette industry has become a new trend, and many electronic cigarette brands have begun to enter the public’s eyes with their own financing. Especially after the “capital winter” in the financial circle, the competition of electronic cigarette brands in this new trend is particularly lively.

According to incomplete statistics, as of July this year, there were at least ten domestic e-cigarettes financing, the total amount of financing reached hundreds of millions of dollars. With the integration of capital, the production technology has become more mature and the industrial chain has been continuously improved, and the industry competition has entered a fierce stage. While major brands grab online and offline channels, the introduction of professionals becomes the key to ensure their sustained competitiveness.

Liu Shuo was in charge of the marketing of Time Stella Artois brand in Britain and Belgium at the global headquarters of ABInbev, and then worked in Nielsen, Heineken and Kafhen, respectively. He was responsible for the national sales channel and consumer marketing business.

ABInBev is the third largest consumer goods company in the world. According to Global Data, ABInBev Asia is the largest beer group in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of retail sales in 2018. It ranks first among the major markets in the Asia-Pacific region and China. Heineken, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the largest brewer in Europe, the third largest brewer in the world, and the first international export brand in the beer industry.


Over the past decade, whether in China or Europe, Liu Shuo has been focusing on designing and practicing the company’s brand strategy, channel strategy, distributor channel planning and online and offline combination of experiential consumer marketing strategy. Liu Shuo’s participation aims to give full play to his marketing and sales expertise, boost sales growth of SnowPlus, and maintain its rapid expansion in market share.

In mid-June, SnowPlus Electronic Cigarette announced a financing of $40 million, which is the largest single financing in the electronic cigarette industry in more than half a year. Since then, SnowPlus Electronic Cigarette has continued to move on.

It is understood that since SnowPlus electronic cigarettes were officially put into the market in April this year. The later brands in this market have gained market recognition rapidly by virtue of their unique advantages in products and channels. They sold 100,000 sets in the first month of listing (May). In July this year, they achieved sustained high sales growth and achieved a curve in a short time. In just a short time, it has become the industry’s leading brand.

The introduction of Liu Shuo, a sales management talent with rich channel experience in domestic and European markets, shows the market ambition and determination of SnowPlus at present. It is understood that, in addition to Liu Shuo, there will also be several senior executives with the background of International Consumer Brand Sales Manager in China recruited.

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