iLax, the subsidiary brand of HMI is revealed 

HMI is the leading industrial hemp enterprise in China. Previously, HMI has also stepped into the vape market, and set up a joint venture company to plan to launch its own brand. Last month, I saw the announcement that the company’s subsidiary Jianma Biotechnology has launched the research and development business of e-liquids.

Thus, Jianma Biotechnology is undoubtedly the main battle team for HMI to enter the electronic cigarette market. It shows that the Jianma Biotechnology was established in Hainan in August last year. Unlike previous cooperation with other entities, HMI appears in the ownership structure of Jianma Biology as a sponsor shareholder.


It is worth noticing that in the scope of operation of Jianma, businesses closely related to the vape industry have been listed, such as “research, development and sale of vapes”, “development of vapes and plant extract” technology.

Trademark query shows that the brand of iLax, iOil and other trademarks have been registered under the 34th commodity items of Jianma Biology. The services provided by the commodity project include cigarettes, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vape juice and tobacco condiments.


According to Tonghuashun Financial and Economic Report, the electronic cigarette project of Jianma Biotechnology was launched in early March last year, and it’s in relationship with several leading domestic factories. During this period, after three generations and six iterations of negation, the Jianma team self-operated from the original ID design to structure, hardware and software matching and other links to ensure product accuracy.

And I saw the first functional prototype of iLax. The quality of the prototype is almost the same as that of the popular electronic cigarettes on the market at present, but it is still abandoned by the picky Jianma team.

At present, the product information of iLax has not been exposed much. Unlike many new emerging e-cigarette brands, the first thing that Jianma Biotechnology has shown up is its own vape juice brand iOil. It is also reported that the company will also expand its market space by participating in the upstream and downstream enterprises of e-liquids and flavor researching in the near future.


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