Juul Plans to Turn 5 Million Smokers in Canada into Vape Users

In May, Canada passed a law that would raise the age to 19 years and older to legalize the sale of vape products. To the end, July is proposing to expand its operations to Canada.

According to “the Toronto star” reports, juul labs plan to turn 5 million smokers in Canada into e-cigarette users.

The company announced that it intends to start selling products on e-commerce website. From this week, consumer will be able to buy products at steam stores and convenience stores across Canada.

Vape Shop in Canada

“We want smokers to give up cigarettes and switch to steam smoke systems,” said Mike Nederhoff, general manager of operations for Canada. After initially launching a nicotine cartridge with 5% nicotine, the company plans to offer a nicotine cartridge with 3% and a nicotine cartridge with 1.5%.

Its chief executive, Carolyn Tuckwell, said that even though Juul show it was not advertising to young people, its product features, as well as product ads, claimed to attract “happy” and “attractive” young people.


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