JWEI Group officially launched μKERA™, the microporous ceramic atomization technology

Leading enterprise in e-cig industry – JWEI Group, parent company of Joyetech, formally released its eighth technology brand, namely microporous ceramic atomization technology brand μKERA™.

Microporous ceramic technology has set off a whirlwind in the field of electronic cigarettes. This new heating technology has become the core standard of current popular e-cigarettes. This kind of technology needs deep technology accumulation and high-quality production technology. It tests the strength of the enterprise and can not be done by the non-powerful. Only enterprised like ALD, Smoore have such technology at present.

Microporous ceramic technology produces a much better taste and flavor experience than the cotton heating core according to the real user experience of VAPE HK.

μ means small. μKERA adopts a new generation of micrometer-level technology processing platform with independent intellectual property rights. It can design and manufacture e-liquid heaters with different densities, make e-liquid and heater perfectly fit, fully form atomized smoke with rich taste, and bring customers excellent experience.

KERA is the abbreviation of Keramik in German, namely ceramics. It is understood that the technological scheme of KERA uses high-performance inorganic non-metallic substrates of food grade, chromium-free formulation of heating slurry, and systematically evaluates the safety, usability and reliability of materials in accordance with international standards.

With the globalization of electronic cigarettes, customer demand is also more diversified. JWEI Group said, “Customer first, customer demand is our mission, is our goal.”

Ceramic atomizing core products based on μKERA™ platform technology have a wider working temperature range and extremely high mechanical strength. JWEI Group is committed to improving the atomization experience of traditional e-cig and providing one-stop solutions for customers with the new micro-manufacturing technology of μKERA™.

JWEI Group emphasizes that the technology platform of KERA will be your best choice. Choose KERA and choose success. μKERA™, Innovate your future.


JWEIμKERA™ ceramic atomization technology is new and immature. If you wish to maintain your high product quality, it’s recommended to use some mature technology with highly automated production lines like Silmo who is serving the world-leading tobacco groups.


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