KMOSE new product launch is favored by more than 70 venture capitals

Shenzhen Interesting Core Technology successfully held the new product launch of “Interesting Future and Core Breathing” in Xinghe, Shenzhen on the morning of September 22, 2019. KMOSE’s first cartridge-changing electronic atomizing pod system, KMOSE RPO was released.

KMOSE new product launch is favored by more than 70 venture capitals

It is understood that more than 70 of the 300 guests present came from fund venture capital institutions, including well-known venture capital institutions such as Dinghui Capital, Blueprint Venture Capital, TCL Equity, Today’s International, CICC Investment, Fashion Capital, Tiandi Equity, Haitong International, Yunfeng Fund and Xingye Securities.

In addition, it is noteworthy that Liu Tuanfang, Vice-Chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Yijiate, Ao Weinuo, Secretary-General of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and Huang Jian, Chairman of Yanzhiwu and Li Youquan, CEO of Yanzhiwu Bioengineering also attended the conference.

KMOSE new product launch

How is the product released at this new product launch, and what is the charm of this new e-cigarette brand that has been so concerned by the capital market? Let’s approach the KMOSE New Product Launch in 2019 and explore the mystery of it together.


Creating National-level Electronic Cigarette Products

At the launch meeting, CEO Liu Hao-man made a comprehensive introduction on the establishment reasons, business model and operation status of KMOSE. At the same time, he solemnly expressed, “KMOSE should become a restrained electronic cigarette enterprise, shoulder the responsibility of an electronic cigarette enterprise, and promise not to sell, publicize and promote electronic products to minors.” It props to the spirit of craftsmen, and try to create a safer, healthier and more affordable national-level electronic cigarette products for 350 million smokers!

At present, KMOSE has 35 city partners, 10 KA convenience store systems (including exclusive), touched more than 6,500 terminal networks, KMOSE K1 sales in one month has exceeded 300,000.

KMOSE new product launch

189 days deep improment

The new product KMOSE PRO released at the KMOSE new product launch conference is the first pod system of KMOSE.

According to Huang Junhao, the founder of KMOSE PRO, it has gone through 189 days from project initiation to the birth of final products, 13 times of die structure adjustment, more than 300 internal tests and 46 times of taste optimization. In terms of appearance design, KMOSE K1 and KMOSE PRO inherit from each other and convey the beauty of simplicity of KMOSE K1.

KMOSE PRO chooses 6063 aviation aluminum alloy processed with apple-grade zirconium sand as the shell material and PCTG material of infant safe grade as cigarette mouthpiece material. The whole device is designed with a flexible arc as the core. There is no sharp edge and no sharp corner like JUUL or RELX on the whole product, which makes the grip more comfortable and makes every touch full of pleasure.

At the same time, the bottom of the KMOSE device pioneered the design of LED electroplated transparent ring lamp, so that each puff will be accompanied by a whole circle of light flashing, so that KMOSE PRO gains a unique style in a crowd of competitors, with a very high degree of recognition.

KMOSE new product

According to our understanding, in terms of internal structure, KMOSE PRO adopts eight-fold anti-leakage structure, which effectively prevents oil leakage and gives users a more dry experience. At the same time, 400 mAh large battery, 2 ml pod capacity, 10W high output power, coupled with Hyper Tech sixth generation alloy white ceramic atomizing core, makes the atomization more completely, the smoke more dense, and the taste more delicate. Each pod supports about 500 to 600 puffs. In order to reduce the influence of condensate on users, the design of condensation tank was added to the mouthpiece of CMPRO, which can effectively prevent condensate from entering the mouth and make the experience more comfortable.

In terms of flavor, KMOSE PRO comes with a new generation of neutral nicotine salt technology, which has been repeatedly tested and optimized by professional flavorers. It has rich taste and is close to traditional cigarettes. At this conference, KMOSE PRO released six nicotine flavors with 3% – 5% concentration to meet the taste needs of different consumer groups. They are Ice Tea, Chinese classic, Ice Mint, Blue Ocean, Passion Fruit and Mung Bean Ice Sand. At the same time, Kemi PRO also launched two low nicotine strength pods with nicotine concentration of 1.8% to meet the needs of new users exposed to electronic cigarettes.


Secretary-General Issues Certificate of Credit Standard Enterprise

At the launch meeting, Mr. Ao Weinuo, Secretary-General of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of China Chamber of Commerce, awarded the “Credit Standard Enterprise” certificate to Shenzhen KMOSE Technology Co., Ltd. and expressed his good wishes for the future development of KMOSE.

KMOSE new product

KMOSE Fujian City Partners also took the stage to share, with the good results of “sales exceeded 70,000 units per month, terminal sales rate reached 1.6” to prove that KMOSE agents can really “make money”.

KMOSE has taken active measures in channel development, brand promotion, propaganda materials, after-sales guarantee, regional protection and so on, so that agents can operate freely, achieve continuous breakthroughs in performance, and share the harvest of development with KMOSE.

KMOSE new product

As the first product of KMOSE brand new series, KMOSE PRO has excellent appearance design and excellent product quality. It is believed that it will stand out in the future electronic cigarette market and become a new generation of electronic cigarette products which are widely loved by users. KMOSE PRO was officially opened for pre-sale on September 22.


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