KMOSE raised 10 million yuan in Angel financing round to develop sales channels

KMOSE closed the RMB 10 million RMB angel financing round. The investors will not disclose it for the time being; this round of funds will be mainly used for KMOSE product development and production, sales channels and brand building.

Founded in March 2019, KMOSE is the e-cigarette brand of Shenzhen Fun Core Technology Co., Ltd. The core founding team has many years of experience in Internet, fast consumer goods and media operation experience. KMOSE disposable vape pen K1 has been sold both online and offline. And K1 has 12 different flavors in different colors.


KMOSE has been on the shelf of eight well-known domestic chain convenience stores (including exclusive cooperative KA channels), covering more than 4000 terminals. In addition, KMOSE has adopted a “single point penetration” strategy, which involves both zoning management, sales channel customer information collection and brand activities, so as to achieve the refined operation of the area. It aims to achieve the city’s full sales channel coverage.

Liu Haonan said, “When we visited Xiamen market last week, we have made KMOSE accessible everywhere. How high is the terminal density? For example, if the user can’t buy KMOSE at this convenience store. The storekeeper will tell him to buy it at the milk tea shop beside. If they still don’t have, he can buy it at the coffee shop next around the corner.


On the other hand, circle and topic are the two main directions of KMOSE in brand image and fan culture construction. Based on the above series of development strategies, K1 series of disposable vape pen of KMOSE achieved revenue of 3 million yuan in the first month of listing.

After the completion of angel round financing, KMOSE will continue to invest in new product research and development and sales channel layout, and apply the experience of mature areas such as Xiamen to more domestic markets. Liu Haonan revealed that KMOSE is currently in the stage of continuous financing.


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