KMOSE launches KMOSE Unicorn pods and KMOSE MINI device

Unicorn: Leakage-proof new pod/ Mini: Free gift device

On November 2nd, KMOSE officially launched the KMOSE Unicorn series of atomizing cartridges and KMOSE MINI machine.

This is another stunning debut of KMOSE’s new products after the “Light up” new product launch in September last year.

It breaks the barriers to the use of e-cigarette products and conveys the concept of “the role of a device is just a lighter” to users, so that users can easily use e-cigarettes without having to pay an extra fee for a “lighter”.

Kmose Unicorn
Kmose Unicorn pod

The unicorn series pods released by KMOSE this time adopts the new “oil core separation” technology, which can achieve more efficient sealing and protection of the e-liquid, and effectively avoid possible leakage of the pod during transportation and storage.

KMOSE MINI, as a new atomization device product launched by KMOSE, is officially defined as a “lighter born for sales channels”. It is a free gift provided to channels and also a free gift to consumers. The birth of KMOSE MINI provides convenience for new users to get started with KMOSE, allowing more users to feel the unique charm of KMOSE atomization products at an affordable price.

In addition to moving people’s hearts with product quality, KMOSE also emphasizes “bonus sharing” in its marketing strategy, sharing the dividends brought about by rapid development with every KMOSE partner. In order to cope with this new product sale, KMOSE has shown considerable sincerity in agent support, store expansion, and user feedback, and has launched a series of welfare policies.

KMOSE to launch KMOSE Unicorn pods and KMOSE MINI device

This time, KMOSE used the new MINI device as a gift to subsidize channel sales and end consumers, and there is no upper limit on the number. According to the welfare policy, dealers can get free KMOSE MINI atomizing device according to the ratio of cartridges: device=2:1. Consumers also only need to buy 2 boxes of cartridges to enjoy a KMOSE mini for free. This will greatly reduce the user’s entry threshold and help promote sales and user conversion. At the same time, in order to give back to users, KMOSE specially launched the “Looking for Lucky Unicorns” activity at the beginning of the Unicorn series pods, and rewarded users with actual pod prizes. Buy Unicorn series pods, open the package and there is a chance to get a “Lucky Unicorn” card. With this card, you can redeem 1 box of pods for free, which’s a big deal.

Based on high-quality and cost-effective products, and with the marketing strategy of real subsidies and real benefits as the means, KMOSE on the one hand continues to reduce the threshold for users to use e-cigarettes, and on the other hand, it is also continuously improving users’ awareness of e-cigarette products. By bringing reliable quality e-cigarette products closer to more potential consumers, not only can the business needs of KMOSE’s agents and offline stores be met, but it also speeds up the brand promotion of KMOSE’s popularity, thereby further promoting the sound development of China’s e-cigarette industry, and finally achieved a win-win situation for all parties!

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