Luo Yonghao’s new high-tech entrepreneurship to be inspired by e-cigarettes

There are various versions of legends about Luo Yonghao’s next business line in the industry.

Dreams not to be mocked are not worth fulfilling
Dreams not to be mocked are not worth fulfilling

Just as rumors were flying around, Luo Yonghao expressed his idea of going “technology startup”. What was even more unexpected was that the inspiration for what he called “high technology” came from electronic cigarettes.


On November 21, Luo Yonghao announced on Weibo that the “Old Man and the Sea” black technology conference will be held at the Beijing University of Technology Olympic Stadium on December 3 at 19:30. And said that the tickets for the conference were not sold to outsiders, and it was decided to give them to long-time support old friends in the form of free tickets.

Luo Yonghao's new high-tech entrepreneurship to be inspired by e-cigarettes

On the evening of November 27, some netizens on Weibo showed off tickets for the “Old Man and Sea Black Technology Conference”. Luo Yonghao, CEO of Smartisan Technology, reposted the Weibo and revealed that “the conference is not a surprise, it is just a simple high-tech conference, I miss you.”

Luo Yonghao's new high-tech entrepreneurship to be inspired by e-cigarettes

From the internal information that has been exposed successively and Luo Yonghao’s related entrepreneurial information obtained by Times Finance, it can be confirmed that Luo Yonghao did not have a “jump ticket” this time, and took a hard line of technology, not micro-innovation on the business model rather than fake high tech.

What Luo Yonghao will try this time is a project called Sharklet technology. Among them, Sharklet was established in 2007 and is located in Denver, USA. The University of Colorado Biotechnology Park is committed to the development of medical products and consumer products using Sharklet technology.

Although Sharklet technology seems to be very far away from Luo Yonghao, the connection behind deep digging shows that Luo Yonghao is not blindly crossing boundaries, but is very cautious to rely on the original network of contacts and accumulation of resources to start a business.

Sharklet’s related technology has been applied in many electronic cigarettes, mostly to suppress the appearance of bacteria. Luo Yonghao, who has always been sensitive to business sense, was exposed to this technology in the previous e-cigarette entrepreneurship and saw more application scenarios.

Although a series of related e-cigarette bans have made Luo Yonghao’s e-cigarette business just on the track not very promising, this entrepreneurial process has exposed him to some hard-core technology, which means something like “good fortune in misfortune”.

Luo Yonghao's new high-tech entrepreneurship to be inspired by e-cigarettes

The whole venture capital market is changing from business model innovation to high technology entrepreneurship, and Sharklet technology is Luo Yonghao’s entry point of “small for big”. Targeting some small and beautiful companies overseas, focusing on the basic framework technology such as AI and 5G to some application-oriented technology, can not only reduce the investment cost in the early stage, but also quickly transform the technology into products.

Moreover, the technical barriers such as AI and 5G are too high, and the track is also full of all kinds of giant companies. Luo Yonghao, who just failed to start his own business, is hard to gather human and capital in a short time. He won’t rush into a full-of-giants industry again after suffering losses in mobile phone business.

As early as the beginning of November, Luo Yonghao has been looking for the management of famous brands in China on Weibo. This category has a wide range. The categories named include daily necessities, kitchen supplies, children’s toys, furniture decoration and many other fields. Some famous brands such as Lego, Hasbro, Audi double diamond, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson were roll called by him.

Luo Yonghao’s operation is not illogical. Lego, Hasbro, Audi double diamond, boshlan, Johnson & Johnson and other brands are all likely to become partners of Sharklet technology. These brands have one thing in common, that is, they need to have close contact with human skin for a long time, and it’s just necessary to inhibit bacteria.

In his business plan, there are many words such as “non competitive products in the global market”, “high-tech barriers” and so on. Even Luo Yonghao’s Smartisan and mobile phone launch, which used to make some crazy speeches, haven’t showed up such aggressive words.

However, the role of Luo Yonghao in the application of Sharklet technology cannot be inferred according to the current information, which needs to be known at the press conference.

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