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Mega Vapez pod mod review: you’ll regret missing this impressive taste

Let’s review a less famous pod vape brand today, Mega Vapez, which is a starter kit brand that originated from Europe. Mega Vapez pod mod is a cartridge-based pod system that consumes pre-filled pods. Its pods are similar and compatible with RELX and Yooz vapes.

Is the taste of this pod mod good enough? Let’s proceed to find it out.

Mega Vapez pod mod specifications

Device size and overview: 90mm*21mm*12mm

Mega Vapez pod system review

Model: M1

Weight: 19g

Device material: Aluminum alloy

Battery capacity: 380mAh

Charging port: Type C

Charging voltage: 5V

Charging time: 40 minutes

Working voltage: 3.2V

Pod capacity: 2.0ml

E-liquid ingredients: Plant glycerin, medical-grade propylene glycol, plant extracts, natural flavors, plant extract nicotine

Nicotine content: 30mg/ml

Mega Vapez pod mod device package content

1 device, 1 type C charging cable,1 user manual

Mega Vapez pod mod pod package content

3 pods in a pack/box.

According to online information, these pods were newly designed and produced in January 2021.

Mega Vapez pod mod taste

As to the pod mod taste, it’s amazing. Many surprises in it. Silky, smooth and delicious taste, consistent vaping experience. Pods are leakage and condensation free (none leaked among the 13 pods tested), no burnt smell. As to more details, you can see it in the following star ratings. There is also a hidden enhanced mode in the device to produce more vapor when using, good for direct to lung vapors.

What’s interesting is that it even has Lafie wine flavor. According to real experience, it does come with the wine taste, very top-notched genuine wine from the 80s. After a few puffs, a little drunken feel comes up, be careful when driving.

As to which flavor is best, the author would highly recommend orange passion. Not greasy, not cold, full of fruit fragrance. It’s refreshing and just right, suitable for daily vaping.

Though Mega Vapez’s a very new brand, observing from its taste, it got great potential to win the heart of a lot more customers soon.

Where to buy Mega Vapez pod mod:

Add Wechat account: Steam-Queen

Mega Vapez battery endurance
Mega Vapez pod capacity
Mega Vapez vapor amount
Mega Vapez orange passion
Mega Vapez ice sour fruit
Mega Vapez black current flavor
Mega Vapez orange soda
Mega Vapez Lafie wine
Mega Vapez fruit mix
Mega Vapez Chinese tea
Mega Vapez soybean milk
Mega Vapez ape banana

Mega Vapez pod mod adds high-quality e-juice into the pod, and its flavor and taste are brilliant. Kit quality is good and the machine performance is powerful. Take a try and you won't regret it.

User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)


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1 year ago

Hi, I am having trouble starting to use my mega vapez because I have never used a pen with an auto draw function. I read that it takes 2 suctions to start but it didn’t work. How do I start using my new mega vapez?

Jean Yves Fraiche
Jean Yves Fraiche
1 year ago

Thanks for the review.
I presently use Relx Infinity and Kardinal stick which are quite good too.
I have ordered the Mega Vapez as I want to try the Mojito flavour.
Two questions: How long for the initial charge and does the battery get damaged if you leave it on overnight charge?

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