MOTI helps partners resume operations with 7 policies

MOTI provides the following seven assistance policies and ten million subsidies to help partners resume operations and help each other to create victory in 2020!

Policy 1 Distribution subsidy

During the outbreak, most malls across the country were closed, as was the MOTI store. In order to allow users of MOTI to enjoy uninterrupted supply of replacement cartridge without leaving home, to ensure that users can better enjoy MOTI service during the epidemic, MOTI encourages franchise store owners across the country to confirm the age of the user and open 0 contact delivery service. For brand franchise stores nationwide, MOTI will uniformly issue 1,000 yuan worth of goods at the end of March for franchise store distribution service subsidies.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 2 Promotion boost

In order to increase the activity of agents’ partners in all channels, MOTI will successively launch promotional activities for end users, providing promotional support in all aspects from event guidance programs, supporting gifts, material design, etc., to help terminals increase sales. The detailed promotional campaign plan and supporting support will be synchronized to the agent franchise partners by the MOTI regional manager of each area.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 3 Rebate on order

In order to support new players of MOTI MOTI partners, and to give back loyal fan users of MOTI MOTI, all months of March, regardless of the province or the form of cooperation, MOTI MOTI agents joined the partners. For orders, MOTI MOTI will give rebate subsidies for orders. For specific rebate policies, please consult your regional manager. MOTI MOTI will reduce the operating costs of partners.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 4 Investment Promotion

From March 2020, MOTI will start recruiting partners from all provinces and regions through nearly 300 directly-operated stores across the country. Through the display of investment materials and the introduction of MOTI ‘s own team, make more MOTI partners join the agency system of provincial / urban agency partners to help agents recruit partners at all levels.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 5 Shop subsidies

Based on the original plan to invest tens of millions in the shop opening policy, the new franchise stores opened by MOTI’s franchising partners in the second quarter of this year will get an additional 3,000 yuan in shop subsidies (distributed as replenishment) to reduce the cost of opening a MOTI partner’s shop.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 6 Spark Project

Recruitment plans for MOTI Spark Project continue to be launched, helping partners to expand their business. Starting in March, MOTI will continue to invest 10,000 mini vending machines, 1,000 vending machines, and 600 store-to-shop counter display materials, which will help agents join partners to expand their business offline. MOTI will work with brand partners work closely together to enrich offline retail terminals.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 7 Operational Empowerment

From March, MOTI will open online boutique courses for all agents, providing product knowledge explanation, store location guidance, involving channel distribution, store operation management, customer base maintenance, sales skills and other courses. At the same time, the MOTI online material library will be opened to ensure that all kinds of materials are synchronized to all partners at the first time. In addition, it will continue to update store business information. Through the tool for querying stores near the brand and the MOTI membership system, it will continue to divert users to terminal stores and empower partners in an all-round way.

The “epidemic” of this war is not over yet. I hope that your partners will not slacken in the epidemic prevention and control, and resume work without errors.

Thanks to every partner for their trust and support, and every user for their understanding and tolerance, and thank you for always being on this road! MOTI will always be with you to win the “epidemic” of this nationwide war!


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