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As everyone knows, Moti has released an S version before. However, the previous S version is actually quite different from the current MOTI-S Lite. The previous S version can be called the trial version, hahaha, because the S version had an APP at that time, the APP gave back some data to the official, and the comprehensive sorting of the vaping curve data exceeding 2 million users achieve the current MOTI S Lite, so this could be the strongest MOTI product at present. Now let’s continue.

MOTI S Lite Packaging

The packaging is a drawer box design, and the inner packaging is a double door design

After opening, you can see the device, cable, cartridges/pods at a glance

It’s minimalist style, without too many fancy designs.

MOTI S Lite review

MOTI S Lite Specifications

TYPE-C interface charging cable*1
Pods*3 (Coke Time, Mango Style, Mung Bean Ice)
Cartridge capacity 1.2mL
2% nicotine salt

MOTI S Lite review

MOTI S Lite Color

Golden, Pink, Green, Black

MOTI S Lite review


The device adopts the aluminum alloy anodizing process that everyone is familiar with, and is also my favorite color.

The gradient color looks very smooth and comfortable.

Overall it is very beautiful and upscale.

It is said that the cost is much higher than before.

It shortens the charging time by TYPE-C port.

MOTI S Lite review


All seals are done in place, no leakage.

Customized FEELM atomizing core – Other cores of FEELM on the market is the same, MOTI S Lite is the only one customized.

MOTI S Lite review

MOTI S Lite user experience

According to the introduction, we learn that every puff of MOTI-S Lite is output according to the best data curve.

In other words, every puff is customized to be ultimate & best.

I feel this deeper, the taste of each puff is soft and even,

This is something that is difficult for other brands on the market to achieve.

MOTI-S LITE did it, and a good experience is all this device brings to me.

MOTI-S LITE also pioneers the cold start concept.

To put it simply, it is the first draw that raises the curve, avoiding differences between each draw so as to bring consumers best vaping experience.

MOTI S Lite review

The capacity of 1.2ml is kind of small, which I think is not so perfect.

But if the cost of the cartridge is well controlled, it is cheap.

And this is a win-win situation.

Consumer cartridge replacement frequency is high, promoting the sale of cartridges.

More choices of pod flavors give consumers a comprehensive experience.

The small amount of capacity is also the best configuration to avoid condensation and carbon deposition.

So the question is coming, although such an approach is scientific, will consumers buy it? This has to be proved with time.

MOTI S Lite review

The cartridges don’t apply the conventional magnetic connection. After the magnetic connection, you need to push it deeper to get in. It’s a magnetic connection plus version.

This is done well to avoid accidental ejection of cartridges during daily activities

Finally, I learned that there is a hidden function, which is quite interesting.

That is the rage mode.

Insert and pull out three times, pay attention, every time the electrode must be in contact, that is, the indicator light should be on.

Insert the clasp firmly the last time.

MOTI-S LITE will continue to vibrate. The LED turns purple, which lasts about 2-3 seconds.

At this time, the so-called rage mode was turned on.

Simply put, the curve will keep a balanced output at 9W. It increases the vapor amount to make the taste better and richer. That is, the cartridge reaches an optimal maximum output value.

At the same time, it will increase power consumption and e-liquid consumption.

MOTI S Lite review


The dual-hole air intake design is great, and the size of the air hole is also very particular.

Whether it is technology or configuration, MOTI S Lite is a pinnacle product.

Excellent craftsmanship of MOTI S Lite brings the best vaping experience.

MOTI S Lite brings a brand new era of data-powered pod vape.

Although the ability of MOTI to develop new products is unquestionable and its taste is at the top level, the flavors are not rich enough at present.

It’s necessary to make more unique and popular flavors because different people have different preferences.

We hope MOTI S Lite rocks again this time.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI S Lite Starter Kit

MOTI S Lite reviewMOTI S Lite reviewMOTI S Lite review

MOTI S Lite Appearance
MOTI S Lite Taste
MOTI S Lite Flavors
MOTI S Lite Endurance

MOTI S Lite is a data-powered pod vape with top taste and best vaping experience. Highly recommended.

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