MOTI statement: never sell vapes to minors and non-smokers, and firmly support the market regulation

The Announcement of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of market regulation on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes (hereinafter referred to as the announcement) is an important measure to protect the physical and mental health of minors and regulate the electronic cigarette industry. In this regard, the MOTI brand expressed its strong support and immediately began self inspection to further regulate and improve business behavior.

Since the advent of MOTI brand in early 2019, we have always adhered to the corporate responsibility, made efforts to improve product research and development, publicity materials, retail channels and other aspects, stop minors from trying, contacting and purchasing, and refuse to advise nonsmokers to use vapes.

1. At the beginning of the brand building, MOTI issued an article in the official public address, “if you have never smoked, please don’t touch the electronic cigarette” and transmit the correct idea to the consumers. It is the first brand in the industry that appeals to not sell to minors and non smokers.

2. In order to prevent consumers from equating e-cigarettes with labels such as “young”, “fashion” and “trend”, the brand slogan “Moti is cool again, not as cool as non-smoking” was put forward at the beginning of the founding of Moti, and this slogan was printed on all product packaging and shop publicity positions in striking font.

3. Moti vape has increased its R & D efforts in the aspects of taste and technology, and always adheres to the mission of e-cigarettes only facing the old smokers. According to the brand survey results in 2019, the average age of users of Moti is more than 7 years.

4. We actively use technical means to block the use of minors: in the existing products, we have started to use Bluetooth technology to connect mobile phones, guide users to double real name authentication of mobile phone number and ID card, and set up child lock, smoking port number reminder and other functions.

5. The offline shop of Moti has been strictly screened. The first item of the training for sales staff is “no selling to minors”.

6. In the future, Moti will further introduce electronic fence, identity verification and other technologies, resolutely implement the spirit of the circular, and prevent teenagers from contacting and purchasing electronic cigarette products.

Next, Moti will be more strict and self-discipline, constantly improve product technology, regulate business behavior, and continue to be a responsible brand and enterprise.

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