MOTI RHYTON vape won the MUSE Gold Award

MOTI RHYTON won the gold medal of 2020 Muse Design Awards. And this product design of the electronic vaporizer brand gets international attention again.

MOTI RHYTON vape won the MUSE Gold Award

Recently, 2020 Muse Design Awards call for more than 3,800 entries from more than 50 countries around the world. And MOTI vape that upholds the “unique aesthetic, ultimate experience” design concept succeeds in acquiring this award.

MOTI RHYTON is a new concept version of pod system. It uses the fashion sense of metal colors and smart and smooth lines to create exquisite and taste with MOTI’s unique aesthetic.

The name of the product is derived from a beautiful sacred horn-shaped ring in ancient Greece. It is a wine-filling utensil used to pay tribute to the god of wine. MOTI cites this concept as a tribute to the prosperity of ancient Greek civilization. MOTI insists on being a global brand, paying tribute to global culture.

Moti Rhyton e-cigarette details from

Moti Rhyton adopts integrated high-strength ceramic body to form an elegant appearance. MOTI’s unique atomizing technology, provides vapers with a perfect throat hit like a real cigarette experience. A low atomization temperature, avoids producing deleterious substance. The airflow sensor allows vapers to just draw and enjoy. The pod and holder are separated, rechargeable smoke rod can be reused. The pod adopts food-grade material to prevent intaking harmful plastic cement. The integrated tank formed through ultrasonic welding can avoid condensate leakage.

Company/Studio: Thunderstone Technology Limited
Lead Designer(s): Koma Yang
Prize: Winner in Product Design/Fashion & lifestyle

Product images:

Moreover, MOTI has another very important thing to announce. MOTI S LITE, which is equipped with a new generation of FELEM advanced custom atomizing cores for pod system, will be launched in June.

Learn more about MOTI RHYTON on MOTI official site


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