MOTI S review – Adjustable flavors cater to different user preferences

MOTI S - One device for all vapers

MOTI S review

Pod capacity: 1.2ml
Resistance: 1.8 Ω

The kit comes with three flavor pods

Nicotine strength: 5%

Mung bean smoothie, Style mango, Mint tobacco


The device uses a lot of power when connecting to Bluetooth

It’s recommended that you disconnect after adjusting the taste.

Pod with 1.2ml capacity is slightly not enough

Heavy smoke users basically smoke one day

After several days of use, there is no problem of leakage and condensation.

All kinds of functions on App can be used beautifully

From Shangpin New Comsumption:

More picture about MOTI S from Dr. V

PS: Article for MOTI overseas marketing department only, summarized and modified from lots of China media.

Bluetooth design
Leakage proof
Pod capacity
App function
Vapor production
Flavor fidelity
Throat hit
Nicotine strength

Basically, it's an outstanding smart starter kit.

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