MOTI Shows up in Vape Expo Oceania with the Portable OS Device

The long-awaited Vape Expo Oceania 2019 lasted for 2 days from Dec. 7st to Dec. 8nd, 2019 in ASB SHOW GROUNDS in Auckland. Over 100 exhibitors, 200 brands have joined and brought more than 500 new products and released them on the show. Among which, MOTI successfully gathered crowds and applauds with its lucky draws, professional vaper performances, and more importantly, the product with practical innovations.

One of the most remarkable products should be MOTI ONE, which crafted to offer instant enjoyment and ultimate vaping flavor to users.


Portable & easy to use

“You might never be amazed to see OS players go out with stretched pockets before you tried this mini device in MOTI booth.” Said by Michael, a professional vaper in the expo with 7years’ vaping history.

MOTI ONE went out with the dimensions 28.0×14.4×66.8mm and a 1.85ml refillable tank, it perfectly meets the demands of portability and easy carrying. Users can easily put it into jacket pocket like a car key.

Inheriting the creation from Meta lab, MOTI ONE also grasped vapers’ attention with ONE STEP filling method. The MOTI ONE pod is equipped with fully upgraded filling mechanism. Just insert and press to fill, the instant enjoyment and unparalleled experience would be delivered in seconds.

MOTI Shows up Vape Expo Oceania with the portable OS device

Sleek device delivers ultimate flavours

It is always hard for product designers to strikes a balanced status since most of the vape products did sacrifice on appearance and comfortability for better device performance. While MOTI ONE reaches it with the innovative meta tech heating technology and vivid sleek options. The meta tech heating film controls the heating efficiency, each drop of e-liquids is evenly heated for perfect taste. Besides, the consistent atomization temperature produces steady puffs without burnt chemicals and other tastes. All these innovations produces ultimate flavours and win good reputations for MOTI.MOTI Shows up Vape Expo Oceania with the portable OS device

Innovation is unlimited and amazing.MOTI show is splendid because of the various innovative products and elaborate preparations. To know more details about the Moti vape, please stay tuned to its official website:

MOTI Shows up Vape Expo Oceania with the portable OS device

MOTI official

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