MOTI vape new flavor reivew – Passion Fruit & Drunk Mojito – DirtyCheck No.51


Speaking of MOTI, Captain Dirty has reviewed it not long ago, not to call it a review. It should be called experience precisely.

So let’s go and find out how are these two new flavors

MOTI vape new flavor reivew


This time we received MOTI “passion fruit” and “drunken mojito” flavor

MOTI vape new flavor reivew

Passion Fruit flavor

This flavor comes with tropical sunshine

The rich fruit aroma makes you seem to jump into a fruit carnival in no time

Captain Dirty experience:

I have vaped all kinds of pod vape passion fruit flavor before, and MOTI’s performance is actually average

The degree of coolness is above average, and the degree of passion fruit flavor reduction is still good.

Throat hit is OK.

The downside is that the fruit acidity of passion fruit is not shown well
While the fruit fragrance has been done very well.

MOTI vape new flavor reivew

Drunk Mojito

With a little faint rum,

There is also a bit of a clear Caribbean breeze

Captain Dirty experience:

The light wine aroma is very well prepared

The fresh feeling is also done just right, the overall feeling is indeed very fresh

I personally feel very disappointed with the degree of sweetness. I didn’t find any sweetness in it


The two flavors from MOTI this time are remarkable,

It’s not the best, nor the worst,

The overall experience is up to my satisfaction, suitable for daily vaping,

Not to the extent of long-term vaping,

Suitable for friends who need some daily episodes in vaping.

Where to buy MOTI vape new flavors

Passion fruit flavor
Drunken mojito flavor

The overall experience of MOTI new flavors is up to my satisfaction, suitable for friends who need some daily episodes in vaping.

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Captain Dirty

Captain Dirty Ciao, an independent reviewer in the active vaping circle. The brands he has cooperated with include ASVAPE、OZside、ASMODUS、BDVAPE、FlashHeart…… Rap style slogan: "Vape how we roll, all in Truetoy." [Email: [email protected]. Wechat account: CiaoHeung Instagram: captaindirty.vape] DISCLAIMER
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