Moti vape won Green Product Award

The organizing committee of the German Green Product Award announced the results of the 2020 Green Product Award and Green Concept Award recently. The two new vapes independently developed by MOTI have passed multiple rounds of reviews. After competing with more than 1,000 entries from six continents, they won the official recommendation of the German Green Product Award. The product is the first and only time to win this award, and it also means that the original intention of the electronic cigarette to actively promote the change of people’s lifestyle has been recognized by the experts of the organizing committee.

The Green Product Award is an award for green creative products launched by companies in Germany. It is also an international competition for creative and sustainable design products and concepts. It is held regularly in Germany every year. The theme of the 2020 Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award is “Future Village”. The international jury is composed of 200 expert members including: Managing Director of the IKEA Foundation, and world-renowned designers, attracting 1463 from 52 countries and regions. Its participants’ number is the largest in history.

Moti vape won Green Product Award Moti vape won Green Product Award

MOTI’s newly developed two new vapes have been officially recommended at the same time, a pod system and a disposable vape.

According to the person in charge of the MOTI design team, these two products have made great breakthroughs in appearance. The shape design challenges the difficult and irregular surface shape. The product design adds elements of streamlined curves to apply the principle of the air flow system to the product structure. To bring a different user experience. In addition, a lot of ergonomics are taken into consideration when designing the product, paying attention to the user’s vision, touch, and taste when using the product. They are fully optimized in terms of taste, vaping resistance, vapor volume, leakage prevention, and condensation prevention. It’s a vape with excellent comfort.

The MOTI design team is an experienced and energetic team, with team members from well-known designers in many fields such as luxury goods, automobiles, and mobile phones. The previous work of the team members has won the United States IDEA Design Award, the German iF Design Award, Germany’s Red Dot Design Award, Japan’s GoodDesign Award, the world’s four major design awards.

MOTI will, as always, adhere to the design ideal of “green environmental protection, quality and peace of mind”, while highlighting the unique design of the product, more consideration will be given to green environmental protection design and material use, and create more high-quality vaporizer products with users.

In the future, MOTI will actively assume corporate social responsibility, with the goal of “meeting the needs of users for a better quality of life”, actively promote the sustainable development of the vaping industry, pay attention to environmental protection and social development, and create a more intelligent, safe and healthy society.


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