Moti vape won the MUSE Design Awards

Recently, MUSE Design Awards, one of the most influential international awards in the design field, officially announced the list of winners for the third season of 2022. Among them, Shenzhen MOTI vape, with its three overseas new products MOTI X MINI, MOTI BEAKER 5000, MOTI PLAY, stand out of more than 6,000 entries worldwide and won three silver awards in the product category.

The MUSEDesignAwards (Muse Design Awards) was founded in New York, USA, sponsored by International Awards Associates (IAA), a long-established international award association. It is famous for its strict evaluation system and high-quality evaluation standards. It is known as the “Oscar of the design industry” and has a high gold content. , thus attracting many designers to compete. This time MOTI vape won this award, which laid a solid foundation for the continuous improvement of the international influence of its MOTI brand.

According to reports, the three MOTI vape products submitted for the award this time have all been sold in overseas markets, and they are selling well. They are products with both industrial design aesthetics and successful market verification. Among them, MOTI X MINI is an industry-leading large-volume electronic cigarette, which has super-large smoke and dual-mode adjustable. Design, the interior is made of pure natural organic cotton, which is both high-end aesthetics and environmental protection; MOTI PLAY is an industry-innovative large-vapor electronic cigarette, which can interact with mobile phones, taking into account practicality and playability. the

The highlights of this award-winning product include innovative breakthroughs in appearance design, experience design, green environmental protection, etc., and MOTI vape adheres to the long-term concept of product-driven, in the application of new materials, new technology research and development, and new concept evolution. The continuous exploration is inseparable, and it also shows the strong product power of MOTI vape.

Starting from 2022, MOTI vape has raised the corporate positioning of “technical aesthetic flow in the electronic cigarette industry” to an unprecedented height, and reiterated: everything starts from the core needs of users, focuses on products, focuses on technology, and strives for scientific, practical and artistic aesthetics and Technology, achieve balance and unity in products, and strive to form a technical aesthetic school with its own characteristics; pursue the ultimate, continue to innovate, and continue to empower users with high-quality products to live a better life.

Internationalization is the touchstone to test the competitive strength and product value of an enterprise. As the first leading enterprise in the industry to participate in the international market competition, MOTI vape has been exploring and practicing export for more than 10 years. According to public data, MOTI vape business has covered 57 countries and regions around the world at present, with 100,000+ global outlets; it maintains a leading position in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and has established an independent platform for leading e-commerce in North America. In 2022, as the China market is on the right track of compliance, Chinese e-cigarette companies are also accelerating their pace of exploration in overseas markets. Differentiated product research and development, localized legal compliance, and differentiated user preferences all require companies to go through a relatively long period of time. Long-term exploration can basically run through the market.

Regardless of international or China markets, product strength is always the key for an enterprise to stand out from the competition and gain market recognition. The acquisition of the MUSE design award also proves from one aspect that only by emphasizing product development and innovation is the key to enterprise competition

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