MOTI’s long-termism in the vaping industry

MOTI team aways hold the long-termism in the vaping industry. The entire team has been doing this for 10 years. From the beginning of 21st Century Smoke, to Vaporesso and Geekvape in the era of mod, to PHIX and MT in the era of pod, and finally to the present MOTI. In the entire 10 years, especially From 2010 to 2012, someone will ask: How long can you earn fast money in the trending vaping industry? In 2010, no one knew how long this industry could be. From 2014 to 2015, no one asked this question again, and the trend of the entire e-cigarette industry appeared in an irreversible form. Modern tobacco has a history of more than 200 years. No one will question whether electronic cigarettes will become a trend in the future. From 2010 to now, many old colleagues may have switched careers, and there are also many old friends who have grown stronger in this industry. These peers who have done very well have a very common characteristic: showing the characteristics of long-termism.

MOTI itself is also a beneficiary of long-termism. The projects in the past 10 years have mainly come from overseas. It was because of ten years of persistence that at the end of 2018, MOTI was very lucky to get on board this big ship when the Chinese market opened up. Long-termism has brought capital recognition to MOTI and enjoyed the benefits of rapid market growth.

In the MOTI team, product development is divided into two teams: MOTI Design and MOTI Inside. MOTI Design pays attention to appearance, and MOTI Inside pursues more of the research and development of the underlying technology. The two teams have been in a state of competition for a long time, and finally obtained products that can meet market changes.

The Chinese market is the most important market for e-cigarettes in the world. Many friends used to be from the e-cigarette trade. The advantages of a trade background are high-speed circulation, good company structure, and low investment in business models. While China can only develop offline sales channels, the growth of offline channels has become the only main battlefield in this market. Therefore, considerable investment is required. Many brands have to build their own brand stores, which is completely different from the brand practices of the previous trade patterns. MOTI will be very determined to invest and believe in this industry and market.

The MOTI brand’s Chinese specialty stores have increased from 100 new stores every month to more than 300 stores, and the number has exceeded 1,500. This shows MOTI’s confidence in itself, its customers and the industry. At the same time, MOTI has entered 90% of the domestic S-level business circles, and all investment reflects MOTI’s views on the vigorous development of the entire market.



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