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Myst Labs debut at IECIE vape expo, and firmly support and implement national regulations

2019 IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo was successfully launched on October 30 in Shanghai – Covering the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, IECIE is a large-scale international e-cigarette exhibition, attracting many visitors from many countries and regions.

As an electronic cigarette brand founded by Dr. Xing Chenyue, the inventor of nicotine salt, Myst Labs has been widely concerned and praised at home and abroad for its rigorous quality of scientists since its establishment, and is called the regular army in the electronic cigarette battle by the media. This time, Myst Labs appeared in IECIE, and became the focus of the whole audience with the research and development of scientists’ vape juice quality and the unique slider style of vape device design.

Making vapor scientifically and innovating the way of smoking

Vape was invented as early as 2003. Although it brought up a vaping culture, it didn’t really become popular until nearly two years ago, and was gradually sought after by smokers. The reason is that the early vape did not give users the taste of real cigarettes. After Dr. Xing Chenyue, chief scientist of Myst labs, invented nicotine salt, this problem was solved completely.

The invention of nicotine salt improves the transmission efficiency of nicotine in vape juice in human body, and makes vape more close to the taste of real smoke. The experience of smokers can be called “falling in love at first sight”, which has solved the biggest problem that has plagued vape industry for a long time, and brought revolutionary changes to the development of global vape industry.

Myst Labs’ flagship product P1 series, as the world’s first vape of slider pod design, has been highly praised since its inception, becoming the favorite of countless smokers.

The slider pod design of Myst Labs P1 allows smokers to push the slide when using it. The “click” sound is similar to the sound of lighting a lighter when using traditional cigarettes, so that smokers can also have a simple sense of smoking ceremony in the vapor era. The hidden high-strength steel elastic piece in the slide rail design ensures more than 20000 times of push-pull, which is the result of numerous experimental verification, and also reflects the team’s insist on product quality.

Myst Labs debuts at IECIE vape expo

In terms of hardware technology, Myst Labs adopts the latest generation of honeycomb ceramic atomizing core, which heats the e juice uniformly and stably to restore the taste of real smoke to the greatest extent. At the same time, as many as 300000 micron and submicron pores on the honeycomb ceramic surface, the pod leakage rate is strictly controlled within 5 / 10000. The unique double s-port design can reduce the fluid spurting rate to less than 1 / 10000.

In this exhibition, Myst Labs not only brought famous P1 products in the industry, but also disposable vape pen G1 and other products. As soon as the products such as Myst Labs P1 and G1 appeared, they immediately attracted the eyes of numerous professional audiences. The scene was crowded and bustling. Almost every user who tried to experience the products of Myst Labs was immediately surrounded by Myst Labs fans.

At one time, the booth of Myst Labs was full of people, and even some fans of Myst Labs came to the site to express their love for Myst Labs enthusiastically: “Myst Labs is the best brand of electronic cigarettes I have vaped in more than ten brands, and the vape juice of Myst Labs is really good, I know it is a very good one. I like the mango and orange flavor of Myst Labs best, which has a special sense of taste satisfaction. ”

Innovate the vape juice and upgrade the experience of vapers

All the products of Myst labs adopt the exclusive E-liquid formula, and the material selection standard is very strict. Strictly select more than 99% pure nicotine stock solution, and the product taste is specially prepared for mature smokers. With the unique design of pod and atomizer of Myst labs, the atomized e-liquid can well balance the sense of throat hit and smoothness, so that the smokers “know it’s superior e-liquid at a glance ”in the good review.

A week before the official opening of IECIE, Myst Labs just released the latest two flavors of pods: caramel ice latte and banana flavored watermelon ice. After the introduction of these two kinds of pods, the sales volume is very hot, which has won the hearts of countless smokers. This is also the latest innovation of the pod family of Myst labs after the international mixed tobacco, Chinese classic tobacco, California mango orange, Arctic ice and other popular flavors.

Innovate the vape juice and upgrade the experience of vapers

At the exhibition site, these two flavors also became the focus of the whole exhibition without any doubt. Especially banana flavored watermelon ice flavored tobacco pods, many smokers at first sight after exclaimed: banana and watermelon can also be mixed together? After experiencing it, they marveled: bananas and watermelons must be together!

To be sure, banana flavored watermelon ice is the unique taste innovation in the field of vapes, which can be said to be unique. After more than 200 times of scientific deployment, Myst labs vape juice research and development laboratory located in Silicon Valley in the United States, has picked up the soft waxy banana core and the sand content of watermelon pulp. The unexpected mix and match has turned into a colorful and dazzling dance. The unspeakable beauty makes every puff full of the breath of first love.

A vaper from the UK said that his good friend became a fan of Myst labs on the spot after experiencing Myst Labs at the electronic cigarette show in Birmingham last week, and also showed off on INS. He used to be envious, but today he also experienced Myst Labs in Shanghai. He is very proud and can go back to show off with his friends.

Take responsibility for the industry

In addition to the product debut in this exhibition, Myst labs also launched a lot of welfare activities for smokers’ fans, such as half price for the whole show, lucky draw to get Myst labs, classic movie scene reproduction, real cigarette exchange for Myst labs vape starter kit, etc., which attracted the enthusiasm of many vapers’ fans to participate in, and the scene was bustling, one after another visitors in the activity, and the limited 300 vapes have been replaced before the end of the exhibition.

There is also a long line in the vending machine of Myst labs. The enthusiasm of everyone makes the vending machine sold out several times, and the staff are busy replenishing the goods. The purchase process of the vending machine is very strict, and the buyer needs to pass the real name certification before purchasing, which leads to a slightly cumbersome purchase process and poor purchase experience. There are complaints from users on site.

The person in charge of Myst labs said it was done to strictly limit the number of buyers and prohibit sales to minors.

Innovate the vape juice and upgrade the experience of vapers

For a long time, Myst Labs has always been positioned as mature smokers. Its products, whether in appearance design or taste, follow a mature and low-key way, avoiding all fancy things, in order to avoid the attention of young people.

Therefore, at this point, Myst Labs would rather sacrifice the user experience, but adhere to the principles, do something or not, and take the initiative to bear the industry responsibility, which can be called the industry model.

Xing Chenyue, chief scientist of Myst Labs, received an exclusive interview with the New York Times at the exhibition site. She once again emphasized the “mature smokers” position of Myst Labs. She also said that Myst Labs is currently developing a new generation of “nicotine X” technology, committed to providing the best experience for e-cigarette users with the lowest nicotine content, and innovating and developing the taste they like for mature smokers, “such taste may even be annoying for teenagers, so as to reduce the attraction to minors at the source.”

Global strategy for overseas market

Within a few months since its establishment, Myst Labs has been reported by many famous media at home and abroad, including Bloomberg, Reuters, New York Times, BBC, NBC, VAPE HK and other top media, with its powerful team of scientists and impeccable product experience. Foreign smokers are looking forward to buying Myst Labs locally as soon as possible. The official website of Myst Labs often receives “order reminder” emails from them. The just-concluded electronic cigarette exhibition in Birmingham, England, the Myst Labs exhibition area is extremely popular, which can be described as a successful small test. It is just beginning to show its edge. At the same time, it also confirms the warm expectations of overseas vapers.

At the IECIE exhibition, smokers and relevant practitioners from the UK, Japan, the Philippines and other parts of the world urgently consult Myst Labs’ overseas market plan and actively seek relevant cooperation. A dealer from Japan took out his notebook and made detailed notes during on-site communication, and established a preliminary cooperation relationship with Myst Labs.

A dealer from Japan took out his notebook and made detailed notes during on-site communication, and established a preliminary cooperation relationship with Myst Labs.

It is reported that the overseas layout of Myst Labs has been mature for a long time. It is about to officially enter the markets of many countries and regions, and is confident to occupy a larger share of the overseas market in 2020.

By making vapor scientifically and innovating the way of smoking, Myst Labs will, as always, be committed to providing 1 billion smokers and people around the world with low-risk products to replace combustible cigarettes, and improving the lifestyle and quality of life of global smokers.


Statement – The original intention of Myst Labs has never changed

Myst Labs firmly supports and implements the Notice on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes issued by the state tobacco monopoly administration and the State Administration of market regulation, so as to promote regulated and orderly operation of the industry. This is very consistent with the original intention of Myst Labs. It does not stir up marketing, attract young people. It positions at mature smokers, and focus on product and R & D.

Myst Labs official


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