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Myst Labs P1 review – A sense of ritual is necessary for traditional smokers

Instant use pod systems lose the fun of lighting up process compared to the traditional cigarette. Today Myst Labs P1 saves you from the dull and boring straight vaping. As a traditional smoker, while you lose the fun of lighters, you obtain the fun of sliders that other pods don’t have at all.

Myst Labs P1 product specifications:

Device parameters:

Battery capacity: 350 mAh

Charging time: 45-60 minutes

Charging port: Andriod phone universal port

Device weight: 36.8 g

Device sliding in size: 107*20.9*10.6 mm (Sliding cover not included)

Device sliding out size: 121*20.9*10.6 mm (including pod length)

Pod parameters:

Pod capacity: 1.3ml

Resistance value of heating filament: 1.35 ohm

Puffs: 280 – 350

Empty pod weight: 3.88 g

E-liquid parameters:

Ingredients: Natural vegetable glycerin, medical grade propylene glycol, edible grade spices, nicotine salt

Nicotine content: 3%/5%

Starter kit price (device+2 pods):

399 yuan

LED indicator:

StatusProcessLED display
Battery<5%RED LED flashes 3 times
5%Red LED flashes
In useBattery>20%White LED flashes
Charging compeletedWhite LED on
ChargingChargingRed LED flashes

Myst Labs P1 review Myst Labs P1 review

The device with stainless steel metallic luster.

Myst Labs P1 review

The Andriod charging cable.Myst Labs P1 review

The user manual.

Myst Labs P1 review

Device with cart installed.

Slider design

Pods / Cartridges (Mint, Tobacco)

User manual – Actually you needn’t read it because it’s foolproof.

Pod with silicon cover, extremely dry without any e-liquid leakage. Some other brands without the cover may leak half of the vape juice before it’s delivered to the customer.

You see, insert the cart, slider it out and in to vape and store. Convenient and clean. Nowadays, killing the germs before vaping becomes a new trend in the vape circle concerning the THC vape health issues in the USA. The Myst Labs P1 is even more brilliant, it hides its cart mouthpiece directly, and frees you from the bacteria in packet with its slider cover.


This inspiration of the Myst Labs P1 comes from cigars. When we smoke cigars, we need to cut off the caps of cigars first. This action not only does not make people feel troubled, but also brings a sense of ritual, which makes people full of expectations about the cigar smoking that will begin soon.

Likewise, the cart slider design of Myst P1 adds this sense of ritual while doesn’t make the vaping process complicated overwhelmingly like mod vapes.

DIY fun and convenience in one device, it’s really a delicate gadget worth trying.

Where to buy:

Slide-to-hide mouthpiece Design
Throat hit
Vapor production
Battery durability
Starter friendly
Hand feel
Smoking ritual sense
Brand founder
Flavor vaping experience

Myst labs P1 can't be more unique with the world's first slide-to-hide mouthpiece design. Firstly, it endows the pod with a sense of ceremony like lighting up the cigarette; secondly, it makes your mouthpiece free from the contamination in pocket. As to the tobacco flavor, it's close to cigarette, much better than JUUL both in throat hit and vapor production. With such an outstanding product, the Myst Labs team led by former JUUL scientist Xing Chenyue deserves a better sale in the very near future though they are a new brand.

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