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Discover more about Myst Labs in 6 aspects

VAPE HK reporter got the precious chance to interview Myst Labs today and following are the interview details:

1. VAPE HK: Myst Labs has the core nicotine salt technology, and has a team of star founders with obvious brand advantages. Do you have any further financing plans in the near future? Will the fund be spent on developing a new generation of nicotine technology?

Myst Labs:

We have already completed large-scale financing. But from the perspective of enterprise development, we are now dedicated to the research and improvement of products quietly, and have not yet released the financing information. In addition, new investment institutions are constantly coming to us, and there are even several investors who want to invest in us when they see our exhibition information coming from abroad immediately. If it can bring more help to the company’s development, we will certainly consider new financing.

Will the fund be spent on developing a new generation of nicotine salt technology? —— In fact, this question is not accurate, because we have invested a lot in R&D from the beginning of the company’s establishment, even before the company’s establishment. R&D capability has always been the core competitiveness of our company. In the future, we will continue to intensify R&D efforts and introduce new products of higher quality. We are currently developing nicotine x to provide users with the best buzz and throat hit with the lowest nicotine content.

Myst Labs CEO

2. VAPE HK: We know that the founder of Myst Labs is the inventor of nicotine salt and has worked in JUUL. We would like to know how the founder of Myst labs has worked in Juul, whether she has been valued by the Juul team, whether there are some interesting things happened in the process of working in Juul, and can you share with our readers?

Myst Labs:

Juul invited Dr. Xing Chenyue to join in 2013 because her team badly needed a scientist with knowledge of chemical formulation research and development, especially with experience in respiratory formulation development, to build a breakthrough product. At that time, Dr. Xing Chenyue worked as a scientist in famous North American pharmaceutical companies such as Genetek and MAP. She participated in the research and development of several different respiratory drugs, and has accumulated a certain reputation in the industry.

Dr. Xing Chenyue was moved by Juul’s concept of “blocking is not better than dredging”, because Dr. Xing Chenyue believed that smoking and second-hand smoke caused many diseases, and thus generated huge medical investment. If the source of harm can be reduced from upstream, it is similar to disease prevention, and will greatly relieve the pressure of public health. So she decided to join Juul.

During Juul’s work, Dr. Xing Chenyue invented nicotine salts that revolutionized the electronic cigarette industry, helping Juul jump from a startup to a unicorn company valued at $38 billion.

The whole R&D process of nicotine salt is a long R&D-testing-improvement exploration process. In order to find out the most satisfying formula to reach the expectation of the old smokers, dozens of old smokers scored three rounds of blind selection; in order to theoretically verify the hypothesis of nicotine salt, Dr. Xing Chenyue and her team designed and manufactured a set of smoking machines and related experiments, and demonstrated the hypothesis with data; at the same time, in order to confirm the smoke composition inhaled by smokers (whether it really does not contain harmful by-products to human beings), doctor Xing had examined it in cooperation with American professional testing institutes, and the electronic cigarette atomization temperature has been fine-tuned to ensure that formaldehyde is not produced by excessive heating.

Because the intensity and speed of pleasure produced by nicotine intake are closely related to the peak blood value and the time point of occurrence, after screening several different clinical laboratories on different continents, Dr. Xing Chenyue decided to fly to New Zealand twice to observe the experimental process and make friends with healthy smokers who volunteered to participate in the experiment. She was in cooperation with a New Zealand institution with rich experience in smoking health research. In this way, she got more first-hand user feedback. And there are 2 smokers in the research who were Xing’s colleagues in Juul.

Finally, based on the results of various experiments, Dr. Xing Chenyue chose benzoate for Juul at that time, and e-liquid containing nicotine salt was formally born.

myst labs

3. VAPE HK: Myst Labs P1 is the only pod vape with slide mouthpiece cover design in the world. What inspired this product idea?

Myst Labs:

This inspiration comes from cigars. When we smoke cigars, we need to cut off the caps with cigars first. This action not only does not make people feel troubled, but also brings a sense of ritual, which makes people full of expectations about the cigar smoking that will begin soon.

We have noticed that smokers have their own set of processes when they smoke, and many people enjoy the moment when they take out a lighter to light a cigarette. It’s like the beginning of a ceremony, lighter clicking, smoking, lighting up and darking down alternately, between inhale and puff, smokers enter their own space of reverie. But nowadays, almost all pod system products are instant for use, which seems to simplify the operation process, but neglects the smokers’ pursuit of ritual sense. Myst Labs slide cover design satisfies the smokers’ such need with its slider design. With the clicking sound for the mouthpiece showing up, smokers’expectations are also ignited, smoking rituals come in a smokeless way.

When not in use, it is necessary to pull it down the slide rail and the mouthpiece enters a protective state, thus protecting the sanitation of the vape.


4. VAPE HK: Where are the main sales channels and markets of Myst Labs P1 at present, and whether there is a need to develop overseas markets, and whether Myst Labs can replace JUUL to become the mainstream of the market?

Myst Labs:

At present, we mainly sell in the domestic market. The common sales channels are online Jingdong and Tianmao Mall, offline convenience stores, shopping malls, vending machines and so on.

We are already actively developing the overseas markets, too, such as attending the Vaper Expo NEC Birmingham at the end of this month.


5. VAPE HK: Does Myst Labs have a plan to launch new products recently?

Myst Labs:

We will launch new products and flavors in the near future. It is not convenient to disclose more information for the time being, but it will certainly be mind refreshing and shining.


PS: We got the high-end Myst Labs P1 pod system, and will publish the review very soon. Keep following VAPE HK


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