Immerse in a Vaping Adventure with Puffmi’s C800: An Expert Review of a Smooth, Flavorful 800-Puff Disposable

1. Getting Started

In our pursuit to unravel the latest in vaping, we’re exploring the newest addition to Puffmi’s collection – the C800. This pen-shaped, compact, and ready-to-go disposable vaping device boasts 2mL of deliciously flavored e-juice fortified with a 2% nicotine strength. Engineered to deliver an exceptional vaping experience with 800 smooth, consistent puffs, the device is powered by an 800mAh battery and utilizes a FEELM ceramic coil.
Embark on this flavorful journey as we delve into the Puffmi C800‘s design, quality, and performance.

2. A Flavorful Experience

For this review, we had the opportunity to taste the Puffmi C800 in four exquisite flavors: Passion Fruit Mango, Pineapple Ice, Cool Mint, and Blueberry Sour Raspberry.
Let’s explore each flavor to understand the sensory experience they offer:

Passion Fruit Mango – A surprise icy effect adds a unique twist to the tropical passion fruit and mango blend. Each puff promises a refreshing, fruity adventure. 4/5

Pineapple Ice – Breaking the stereotype of artificial pineapple taste, Puffmi’s Pineapple Ice flavor offers an authentic, refreshing pineapple experience with an added cooling effect. 4/5

Cool Mint – A personal favorite, this flavor delivers an incredibly intense icy sensation with bold, sweet wintergreen notes that offer a minty delight. 5/5

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – This flavor truly captures the essence of sour raspberry, perfectly balancing it with sweet and tangy blueberry notes. 5/5

Puffmi C800 Review: Vibrant Flavors Meet Sleek Design in this 800 Puff Disposable

3. Design & Quality


The Puffmi C800’s vibrant, pen-shaped design exudes elegance and simplicity. Its sleek form consists of a shiny, colored aluminum connector bridging the top and bottom sections.
With the device divided into two parts, the bottom encloses the brightly colored battery in a protective plastic cover, displaying the Puffmi logo upfront and essential information at the back. The top part, molded from a translucent colored polycarbonate plastic, holds the tank and mouthpiece. This transparency allows easy monitoring of the e-juice level, topped with a slim duckbill-style mouthpiece.

The Puffmi C800, devoid of complicated features like recharging ports, battery indicators, or airflow control, relies on its aesthetic appeal and flavorful experience to win hearts.


The C800 is designed with a modest tank capacity of 2mL, enough for about 800 puffs. As a disposable device, it is expected to last a few days for most moderate to high-use vapers. The design and form factor ensure the disposable can reliably serve through its expected lifespan.

Leak-proof Design

The long inner mouthpiece airflow tube of the Puffmi C800 confines the e-juice within the tank, offering a leak-free vaping experience.


Its ergonomic pen-style design allows for a comfortable handhold, while the plastic and aluminum body keeps the device cool to touch. The tapered mouthpiece ensures a good lip seal for each inhalation.

4. Battery & Charging

The 800mAh battery within the Puffmi C800 is engineered to last for the expected 800 puffs. As a disposable device, it’s not rechargeable but designed to last until the e-juice is nearly depleted, without any risk of dry hits. Our test run with the Cool Mint flavor confirmed Puffmi’s claim, delivering a perfect balance between battery life and e-juice quantity.

5. Performance

Puffmi C800’s FEELM ceramic coil ensures every puff produces cool, top-tier hits, leading to an extraordinary flavor experience. It’s particularly appealing to novice vapers due to its gentle, airy hits, mimicking the experience of traditional cigarette smoking.
Despite the MTL draw, the C800 surprises with its impressive vapor volume, creating a light, airy yet voluminous cloud.

6. Price

The C800 is a brand-new device, and as such, there is no publicly available pricing information on this model yet. Stay tuned for updates!
Puffmi C800 Review: Vibrant Flavors Meet Sleek Design in this 800 Puff Disposable

7. Puffmi C800 Specifications

Puff Count: 800
Capacity: 2ml
Nicotine Strength: 20mg
Coil: FEELM Max Ceramic Coil
Battery: 500 mAh
Flavor choices: 20


Examining the Puffmi C800 has unveiled a disposable vape pen that excels in many aspects. Its ergonomic, vibrant design, coupled with a delightful array of flavors, adds significantly to a top-notch vaping experience.
The FEELM ceramic coil delivers cool, consistent, high-quality hits, and the wide MTL draw makes it particularly beginner-friendly. While not designed for long-term use, it promises to last for its expected 800-puff lifespan without any leakage.

The pricing information is yet to be released, but we remain hopeful that Puffmi continues to deliver value for money as they’ve done with their past products.


Limited lifespan after battery depletes
Pricing information not yet available

Lacks advanced features like a recharging port and airflow control


Rich, well-balanced flavors
Cool, consistent hits with the FEELM ceramic coil

Beginner-friendly wide MTL draw

Leak-proof design

Eye-catching and ergonomic design

Promised 800 puff lifespan

Purchase the Puffmi C800 here

Puffmi C800 Passion Fruit Mango flavor
Puffmi C800 Pineapple Ice flavor
Puffmi C800 Cool Mint flaovr
Puffmi C800 Blueberry Sour Raspberry flavor

Puffmi C800 with the array of exciting and well-developed flavors offered, each leaving a rich and delightful taste, contribute significantly to a superb vaping experience.

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