RELX was invited to participate in the legislation of e-cigarettes in New Zealand and the Philippine Parliament

According to New Zealand media Scoop, on April 10, RELX appeared in the New Zealand Parliamentary Health Special Committee’s review of the law on e-cigarettes.

As an industry representative, RELX and its New Zealand partner Mission Limited were invited to participate in the 7th review meeting and gave a video speech and participated in the discussion of e-cigarette related regulatory policies.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Special Health Committee of the New Zealand Parliament considered the e-cigarette bill in a video conference. RELX’s Director of External Affairs Jonathan Ng said in a video statement that the draft bill is very correct to find a balance between supporting smokers to switch to less harmful products and protecting minors.

The regulation and legislation of electronic cigarettes is a global issue. RELX is introducing a number of standardized measures actively adopted globally into New Zealand.

Wu Wenhao introduced that RELX has established strict corporate standards, standardized production standards, and continuous investment in research and development to ensure the provision of quality and safe products to consumers around the world.

In order to protect minors from e-cigarettes, RELX has consciously explicitly banned the use of minors in all product packaging and related materials without requiring explicit regulations.

During the meeting, Louisa Wa, Chairman of the Special Health Committee, expressed great interest in RELX’s measures to prevent minors from being exposed to electronic cigarettes.

Wu Wenhao introduced the child lock function and age authentication system built in RELX i’s products, so that the product must pass strict age verification before it can be used. In the case of Bluetooth connection, users can also use the app to remotely locks the i device to prevent unauthorized use of the product.



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