Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

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The overall flavors of Rincoe Jellybox 5000puff are not bad. And its battery life and e-liquid endurance are really excellent. Recommended.

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The Jellybox series launched by Rincoe has been well-received in the industry,
The Jellybox nano kit and Jellybox mini 80w RDA kit are both significantly outstanding products.
Today Captain brings you a disposable product based on the Jellybox nano kit series named Rincoe Jellybox 5000 Puff.
It is said that it has already been sold out. Captain will share the first-hand experience information with you here.
Let’s see how Rincoe Jellybox 5000 Puff is.

Rincoe Jellybox brief view

Jellybox 5000puff It is powered by a built-in 650mAh battery with 15W max. With the 5V/0.6A Type-C charging, it can be fully charged within 1 hour and last for the whole day. It is also designed with a visible cartridge of 14ml e-juice capacity. In addition, 5000puff kit is equipped with an innovative airflow system and upgraped Jellybox Nano 1.1Ω Mesh Coil to bring you smoother flavor and better MTL vaping experience. It also features auto draw & auto-adjust wattage. By using the organic cotton, it is able to preserve original taste of your liquid. There are six safety protections to guarantee the safe use of the Kit. Just get it.

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

Rincoe Jellybox specifications


Liquid Capacity:14mL

Nicotine Strength:35mg

Battery Capacity:1.1ohm Coil

Charging Port: Type-C

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin、Propylene Glycol、nicotine、natural&Artificial Flavors

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

Rincoe Jellybox highlights

  1. Lightweight PCTG material
  2. Comfortable to hold and easy to carry
  3. Equipped with innovative airflow system
  4. Fit for Jellybox Nano 1.1Ω Meshed Coil for MTL vaping
  5. 5V/0.6A Type-C charging, fully charged within 1 hour
  6. Auto draw & auto-adjust wattage
  7. 14ml e-juice capacity
  8. Using organic cotton to preserve original taste of your liquids

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

Rincoe Jellybox flavor list

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

Rincoe Jellybox hands-on

PS: Since the Rincoe Jellybox 5000puff is in great demand, the dirty team only got 5 flavors from the brand. Please continue to pay attention to the follow-up flavors.

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

Cherry Energy
The rich red bull aroma is very full, and the sweetness is also mellow
The fruity aroma of cherries will be brought into the mouth with the coolness of mint
Captain feels a little alcohol I don’t know if it will get drunk, hahaha

Strawberry Ice
The fragrance of strawberries gives a very comfortable state
It is a pity that the fruit acid and milky aroma of strawberries are not shown one by one.
The coolness is very suitable, and it is a perfect match with the strawberry flavor

Caramel popcorn
This is the taste that Captain personally likes very much.
The caramel flavor of the popcorn is very good, and the sweetness and fullness are well-adjusted.
The aroma of caramel I think is the best among the disposable vapes, it is excellent

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

Lush Ice
Watermelon flavor has always been a popular item that the public is relatively easy to accept
Of course, the watermelon flavor is also very good
The unique fragrance of watermelon is well reflected, making people feel very great in vaping.

Blue Razz Lychee
The performance of this blueberry with lychee is not very good
It smells like dessert to me
But that sweetness makes me uncomfortable
The addition of mint makes the whole taste very overloaded


This Rincoe Jellybox 5000puff gives me the feeling of surprise and disappointment at the same time.
The surprise is that the overall performance of the flavors is not bad, the disappointment is that some individual flavors are really not good.
The overall performance is relatively sweet and moderately cool, suitable for some vapers who like sweetness.
The bottom air intake can be adjusted, but the feeling will not be obvious. Only maximum adjustment will have a change in vaping resistance.
The battery life and e-liquid endurance are really excellent. Captain run out of one vape in about 1 week.
It can be used for 1-2 days on a single charge, which is really nice.
Well, this Rincoe Jellybox 5000puff is recommended by Captain overall speaking. Pay attention to the taste, and then start vaping.
ALL IN TURE TOY, I’m Captain Dirty, see you in the next issue~

Where to buy Rincoe Jellybox 5000 Puff 

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

Rincoe Jellybox 5000 puff review

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