What pod systems take the use of Silmo inside or Feelm inside technology?

Some reader from is asking about what pod systems take the use of Silmo inside and Feelm inside technology:

I am following the articles for vape industry with great interest, thank you for your comprehensive information.

In many related articles you promote Silmo or Feelm technology, but it is not clear in which vape pod systems they are used?

It will be much appreciated if you can list me some pod systems with this technology inside.

After careful research and contacting the manufacturer Silmo and Feelm official factory, I elaborated out the detailed information finally. Following are the details.

Silmo inside and Feelm inside technology

Feelm inside:

  1. RELX
  2. bink
  3. Taki
  4. Yooz
  5. vvild
  6. VANGO
  7. VFOLK
  8. funn
  9. Moti / Mojo
  10. NRX
  11. Wel
  12. Wonton
  13. snow+
  14. Laan


Most vape brands who use Feelm inside are Chinese domestic new brands. Their sales amount is technically small, after all, China vape market is small and undeveloped – Even the top seller brand RELX only has 10% of the sales amount of Juul, leave alone other Chinese new established brands in 2019.

Silmo inside and Feelm inside technology

Silmo inside

Silmo 3.0 inside technology is invented by ALD. ALD is a company serving the world top 3 tobacco companies worldwide. And ALD has a principle that major customers first. Their major customers’ information of purchasing is protected and ensured not to be leaked out. To know more about that, you need to confirm you’re at the vape industry top place or contact ALD sales directly.


The difference of Silmo inside and Feelm inside

Though Silmo and Feelm both use the ceramic atomizing core and almost the same, there are still some differences.

Feelm inside is invented first and is an award-winning technology, but their products are produced by the combination of manual and the machine. So their quality is not ensured when produce by inexperienced workers.

FEELM’s Membrane Fogging Technology Won the Global Gold Leaf Authoritative Award

Silmo’s advantage lies in the product quality and fully automated production line:

ALD Group Limited Launched Futuristic Automated Production Line

Besides the high-quality product feature, their production capacity and price is also irresistible to the top vape companies like juul. Contact ALD for more information.

PS: Dear reader, your question has been sent to ALD official and you’ll get replied soon.


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