Smiling From the Customer is the Vape Brand’s Greatest Motivation


Another Europe’s largest e-cigarette exhibition came to an end in Stuttgart, Germany. Over the past 2 days(June 25-26, 2022), it is reported that more than 300+ brands were participating in this e-cigarette exhibition. Visitors from all over the world joined this Cloudy Event!

Visitors gave the show a new name: the Cloudy Event!


The biggest gain of each exhibition is to gain the recognition of users. Only strong product strength can bring more user recognition and orders. This is undoubtedly the direction of the efforts of all e-cigarette brands. Through the exhibition, major e-cigarette brands showed the latest products to the world, which deepened users’ recognition of the products, to achieve a win-win situation.

This popsicle-shaped vape pen received full praise from the visitors at the scene.


There are as many as 13 flavors to choose from so that the summer for vape users is no longer boring. Bringing such a cool accessory to travel is worth the name of the most fashionable young people. They are smooth and flavorsome without being too strong. On-site experience showed that some seemed quite sweet at times but all of them were very true to their flavor profile and enjoyable.

According to the person in charge of the booth, this disposable vape pen has received a large number of orders all over the world as well as fame on different shows.

In addition to meeting the diverse needs of users for travel, quality experience is another factor that big vape brands care about.

Another cloud is rising, customer is experiencing the MOTI X Mini


Another important segment of electronic cigarette products is rechargeable POD MOD products. This series of products can make it more convenient for users to maintain the device, vapers only need to buy their favorite flavor Pods.


This POD MOD system vape device with a large amount of cloud production has a built-in 1150mAh rechargeable battery, which can bring a power output of up to 29 watts. It has become the star product of many exhibitions and has been successfully launched in many markets, attracting the attention of global e-cigarette users.


The smile of customers is the ultimate pursuit of every e-cigarette brand

An on-site talk against exhibitors shows that The Hall of Vape in Stuttgart, Germany, has a certain status in the minds of buyers. Many buyers said that most of the company’s annual purchase list is found at the exhibition site, and at the same time visitors are also willing to recommend this exhibition to their friends and customers.



The development of the industry is inseparable from technological innovation, but also inseparable from the long-term love and persistence of practitioners. As the only brand in the industry with more than 10 years of industry experience, MOTI has always adhered to “long-term”. The founder once founded or co-founded the top three brands in the industry in the United States, and now he founded MOTI MOTI. When many brands are taking the route of light assets, MOTI MOTI has always continued to invest in independent products.

The Hall of Vape show has an increasing number of people and exhibition area each time and has a great influence on the Euro. The show offers an opportunity to experience a cutting new edge new vape products and accessories, and of course, get to know more development trends. Visitors can look forward to current trends, new and innovative products, and captivating designs, where exhibitors and people from all over the world gather here.

Satisfaction from the customer is the vape brand’s greatest motivation


As stated by MOTI, one of the exhibitors, customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Nowadays, the product forms are diversified, and most of the brands that focus on making products have been deeply involved in the industry for many years, providing users with continuous and better nicotine delivery products, and the experience of harm reduction is more profound. This is what every leading brand strives for.

We believe that all smiles deserve a better product. There in MOTI Planet, a place to Find Your Motivation.


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