SMPO KI review: find the secret of light-DTL vape kit


SMPO KI is the newest open pod system released by SMPO. This company concentrates on pod vape only. For now there are three launchings available to the line of SMPO, known as close pod system SMPO, open pod system SMPO OS. This newly published SMPO KI, the second edition of SMPO OS.

SMPO KI continues the traditional oval shape style of SMPO, miniature and exquisite. Powered by 650mAh integrated battery, easily get you through vaping along the whole day. Different from SMPO OS MTL vapes, the SMPO KI pod structure has been improved to between MTL and DL. It means that more vape types are available in the SMPO series.

SMPO KI has the same size as SMPO OS. Nevertheless, attention please, their pod is not matched for each other.

Moreover, thanks to SMPO Brand Team for sending me this SMPO KI to review. Let us check out this deep simplicity now!



  • Dimensions:83x 34 x 15.3mm
  • Battery Capacity:650mAh
  • Charging Current:1A
  • Pod Capacity:8ml
  • 3 Power Modes: 3.0V、2V、3.5V
  • (11W、13W、15W)
  • Material: PCTG, Zinc Alloy
  • Resistance: 0.8ohm


In the box

SMPO KI review: find the secret of light-DTL vape kit

Build quality and design

SMPO KI review

SMPO KI comes with five fashionable colors, Red, white, black, green, and blue. These colors are unique bright, and light tones coupled with mirror-like visual design. Customers can easily catch this fashionable pod kit, looking shiny and full of energy. I think it would be more tend to be young people’s options. Compare to the previous SMPO OS launching, they are the same body shape, but each one reflects a different audience style.

Yet, we know that in the vape market the mainstream color just causes visual fatigue sometimes. Most of them are copy, no creation, and no thought. But from SMPO, I was surprised and glad to see its launch, SMPO put their product definition on every detail.

SMPO KI features a much lightweight design measuring on 80.6mm*34.0mm*15.3mm, perfectly fitting your hand and holding in your pocket. Zinc Alloy material creates quality and a strong sense of grip.

You could see the SMPO logo on the front and the power button located at the bottom of the device. According to SMPO’s previous design, the power button here is not only a fire key but also a power mode. If you have used RENOVA ZERO from vaporesso, then you are familiar with this feature. Until now, I think, the power mode of a pod is a good design, and it allows you to cycle through different levels of power, giving you the ability to customize your clouds and nicotine hit.

SMPO KI mod connected with a refillable pod developed with cotton coil delivering the super original flavor. PCTG pod meets the international food security standard, ensuring your vaping safety in each inhale.


Straight forward Operation

SMPO KI is with straight forward navigation with five times clicking firing instead of draw activation. Someone would prefer the button-free design for further convenient vaping, but not included. I think button clicking activation is an outstanding design to prevent kids from accident vaping.

Got your SMPO KI, fill the e-juice into SMPO KI pod, plug the pod into your SMPO KI battery, then just go ahead to your vaping with five times press on the button. Meanwhile, the red LED flash three times.

SMPO KI review

Each SMPO KI pod has 1.8ml capacity for your e-liquid containing. It is enough for my moderate vaping one day. Compare to its predecessor SMPO OS, instead of filling slot covered by black silicon tap located by the side of the pod, SMPO KI has adopted the refill system on the top. Vapers pull out the partial mouthpiece, like the UWELL Carliburn, to fill your e-juice via the two filling slots located both sides of the top. Notice, don’t make your filling via the hole in the middle; it is for your airflow, not for filling. I have to admit that OS filling system is more straightforward for this, plug a black silicone is more natural than pull out a mouthpiece cover. But also, we should know that SMPO KI has better anti-leaking performance than OS. KI pod has adopted with various silicone to prevent leaking more efficiently.



SMPO KI constructed with cotton coil instead of the previous CCELL patented by Vaporesso. As we know, that ceramic coil generally delivers denser clouds, but the SMPO KI vapor production just is one of the impressive parts of its existed amazing performances. I compare it to RenovaZERO with VG: PG(6:4). I was surprised to discover that SMPO KI left the ZERO behind. Although I was a loyal fan of ZERO, I still, to be honest, SMPO KI is better than Renova zero in smooth and massive vapor production.

SMPO KI features dual coil heating, instead of single-coil, which means the e-liquid could be warmed more evenly, and faster heating is available. And I did get the extra performance from its massive vapor, concentrate flavor, and faster healing. There is no need to replace the coil inside, throw it once done, easy and convenient.

What a surprise, SMPO KI just suitable for high VG, Nic salt, and freebase. Especially it adopted with the cotton coil, maximize your e-liquid absorption efficiently to deliver fresh taste, I would say it is hugely closer to my original e-juice, not a bit any missing and complicated. So, if you are a close pod vaper and concerns about the flavor delivery from an open pod, then I would tell you that SMPO KI did an excellent job in flavorful vaping.

This pod system is designed for vape draw between MTL and DL, just delivers the nice restrictive lung hit. For now, increasing vapers prefer this kind of vape, with a comfortable draw. Firstly, I experience the vape feeling between MTL and DL from UWELL CARLIBURN, and it just gives me excellent draw feedback. I love it. So I am so glad that I can enjoy this again from another pod kit, SMPO KI.

There are three power modes available if you are a vaping beginner and concern about it would be not suitable for you, don’t worry! The three power modes available just fix this issue. Lower power (11W) is suitable for you, and you get a more comfortable and smooth draw.

Get a perfect vape device without popping and spitting seems impossible, and SMPO KI is not that exception. Put SMPO KI by the side around one day and spit back happened. I think this frequency may be higher than average? I wish SMPO to get some improvement in the following launchings. And popping also occurred occasionally, not often. It is like another popular device has performed. Generally speaking, SMPO KI is an excellent pod system.


Battery life and Charging

SMPO KI review

SMPO KI features a long duration powered by 650mAh built-in battery. It almost last my whole day vaping with medium power mode at 13W, and little bit shorter with 15W, because as we know, higher power mode gets more battery energy.

The charging port stealthily located at the bottom side of the mod, with the USB cable, which is in the box for the device charging.

Being constructed with the different LED colors shows your SMPO KI specific battery level.

  • White =high (above 70% power volume)
  • Yellow=medium (30%-70% power volume)
  • Red =low (below 30% power volume)

Also, solid white is showed when SMPO KI got fully charged, and solid red is for the charging status.

But what I am going to complain about is the charging time. It needs 1hr to get my SMPO KI fully charged with 1A current. It means a long charging period for me, a super big fan of SMPO KI that eagerly looks forward to holding such gorgeous stuff all the time.




  • Beautiful shiny outlook
  • Portable size
  • Three power modes
  • Pure taste
  • Massive vapor
  • Efficient anti-leaking
  • Impressive throat hit
  • LED light indicator


  • Spitting around one day putting aside
  • Popping occasionally
  • 1hr charging period


Official site:



SMPO KI is a fantastic launch in the pod system market. It delivers a pure flavor close to original. The adjustable power mode can customizes your specific vaping preference. Get impressive throat hit. Makes it the best pod system could stand by any picky challenges. Most importantly, I love its nice restrictive lung hit! It did have its complaints, but it’s out there performance; just let me ignore the shortages. Finally, thanks SMPO brand team again for sending me such a gorgeous SMPO KI to test. It deserves the high score!


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